Do not take your child with his coat in the car seat

Have you ever taken your baby in the car safety seat with the winter coat on? Did you fall asleep in the stroller and put him in the car seat directly, without taking the sachet or the shelter? Please, do not do it again. It has been shown that when the baby or the child travels in the car seat equipped with safety harnesses with a fluffy coat or bulky clothing, collision safety drops significantly. it is possible to perfectly understand the danger that it means to take the baby in the chair of the car with the shelter put.

coat wearing baby in car

Why is it dangerous for the baby to wear his coat in the car seat?

But what is the reason for the danger of wearing a warm coat, or bulky clothing, when the little one travels in his perfectly approved child restraint system and with tight safety harnesses? The danger lies in the false sense of tightening of the straps that occurs when wearing bulky clothes put on. In other words, dads have the feeling that the safety harnesses are tightly fitted to the child’s body, but in reality, the harnesses are tailored to the size of the coat, and not to the body of the baby, as it should, so Which are too loose, since the volume of the coat decreases in case of collision. In case of impact, especially in the case of frontal collision, the harness would not perform its retention function correctly and in all probability the baby’s body would slide between the harnesses and would be fired violently, or at least his body Would flex strongly and violently forward, with consequent damages and injuries to the spine and neck that can be derived.

Other safety issues in the car you should keep in mind

We have already seen how important it is for the baby to travel without a coat on his safety seat, but what other safety rules should be taken into account before embarking on any displacement, whether long or short?

Proper installation of the child restraint system is vital. In addition to purchasing a car safety seat approved according to current regulations, suitable for the weight and age of your child, it is essential that the chair is perfectly Installed in the vehicle, scrupulously following the manufacturer’s instructions, and consult a specialist in case of doubt. No matter how approved, an improperly installed child restraint system does not provide safety for your child.
At least, up to the year and a half of the baby, try to carry the safety chair against the back, if the model you have purchased allows. Although this is not a mandatory issue at the moment, in the event of a collision, it has been proven that traveling in the opposite direction is five times safer.
Avoid carrying loose objects inside the passenger compartment of the car. In the event of a collision, any loose element can become a dangerous projectile. Store all objects in an enclosed space, such as the trunk.
Do not reuse child restraint systems. No, to second-hand or re-used safety chairs. You do not know the history of the chair or know if it has already suffered any damage.

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