Nutritional supplements all the information and truth

The truth about nutritional supplements, what is true and what is not?

Vitamins and minerals, We need them all, but sometimes it’s difficult to always get your daily amount. Hence, nutritional supplements are becoming increasingly popular. But when you need them exactly? And which? And how much?

truth about supplements

We all looking for you! We are going to separate the facts from the myths circulating on dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements swallow is really the trend of the 21st century. But many people who do actually know enough about. In addition, in the media so much about it asserted that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the facts from the myths. But do not worry Girlscene is waiting for you to explain the most popular facts and myths about food supplements and explain.

First the facts

Vitamins and minerals, what is the difference?

There are two types of food supplements which can take form in tablet or pill: vitamins and minerals. Think of minerals, for example, magnesium, iron and zinc. When vitamins are especially vitamin B, C and D is important.

Does anyone need extra vitamins and minerals?

Not everyone needs it, certainly not. But there are many people who benefit from it for various reasons. This may be through dietary changes. For example, vegetarians and vegans often get in too little B12 and iron. But for other reasons are also possible. Think yourself extra vitamins or minerals to need you now ingest? Let you personally recommend a professional (such as a GP or a dietitian).

Any shortage of vitamins and minerals is most common?

Dietary supplements are of course only necessary if you have a real shortage of that particular vitamins and minerals. In the Netherlands, a lack of vitamin D (among other things gives you from sunlight), magnesium (found among others in nuts, spinach, bananas, fish and avocados) and omega 3 (found in fish and sea vegetables, among others) on average the most common.

Are dietary supplements harmful if you take too much of?

Too high a dose take vitamins and minerals is very difficult if you swallow them only in tablet or pill form. Thereby puddle you simply everything that you too get inside again. No danger so. A much too large amount of vitamins or minerals actual damage to health will almost never occurs and is very difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, you should never take more than the amount.

Improving vitamin pills really the resistance?

This differs per person. If you swallow vitamins where you actually for longer periods deficiency gets within this fact is the case. But if that is not the case, it makes no difference. In the Netherlands, a lot of vitamin C swallowed to help the resistance a hand. This vitamin is definitely essential for this, but vitamin B and D are also very important. So if your resistance is poor and you do not have enough vitamins from food you ingest is probably best multivitamin swallow extra.

Is biological supplements better than synthetic?

No, all that matters is that your body recognizes the substance. How it is made, it makes no difference to the operation.

Contains the Pyramid not all vitamins and minerals that you need?

Sometimes, but often not. This is our time of supermarkets where almost all the food we eat is processed. This gives you faster more sugar and salt than in the minerals and vitamins that you need.

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