Oh my God Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse have broken

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse Relation breaked

Dear, I am completely in shock that I can not be disturbed by the morning that we carry around Galicia, which with the wind that we have the pens tied with lace to the table of the office. Oh, my God, this is a typhoon, not what’s outside: Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse have broken!

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Seriously this is a dislike of the fat, we worshiped them, that Kylie even seemed higher love and infatuation and we go now and we find that is the poor tear of disgust and even see it on the street with the face of Pen penalty pen. In addition, the people who became aware and clear, the ball is growing and growing, until it has manifested itself in the nets. Joshua, Joshua.

Thank you for all your love and support through this recent chapter of my life. Thank you now for your love and understanding with the news that Josh and I have decided to go our separate ways. We only wish the best for the other as we venture into new horizons #elsolsiempresale

Thus, always politically correct although the poor have to be wanting to declare war on Spain Why? Because the story repeats itself and it seems that Kylie have been given a door by a younger and more Spanish, as had happened with the case of Andrés Velencoso. But what a bad luck this girl really has, and I saw that this was for life.

The third person in question that has torn Joshua from the arms of Kylie is a Spanish actress named Marta Milans who is his companion in the series ‘No Tomorrow’. Oh, the series that makes love come up, and they tell it to the poor abandoned woman who fell in love with the actor’s hairy breasts in ‘Galavant’.
I also tell you, we do not know this girl in Spain no matter how much she was born and raised in Madrid. What do we know? Who is an actress, who on her Instagram always writes in English, who is 34 years old and who speaks seven languages, including Russian, which is very useful for traveling to those areas and the Cossack cinema industry is certainly booming.

But now comes the intriguing, that this girl is Elsa Pataky’s chupi-pandi and already appeared in the photos that confirmed the return of Miley and Liam. We also know that he has a twin sister, a jewelry designer, who lives in Hawaii, and another brother. In addition his family is very good position and they own a company that imports cheeses of goat to USA. My mother, I am like a concierge …

Nothing, we will continue reporting as soon as we have more data, but for the moment we are in pain with poor Kylie that it is time to find love, The campaign #SAYIDoDownUnder gives me who is going to the garete now.

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