Ox : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

Ox : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

1- Love
With the star Tuan that will blow its revolution in your sign, your spouse will have to behave well: the charentaises, TV evenings, Sundays with the family … all that will not be enough for you anymore! As the imagination will not fail you, you are trusted to surprise the other and succeed in giving a new impetus to your couple. More chilly atmosphere for many singles, still chilled by a disappointment or a badly digested break. The solution ? A loving friendship that seduces you without scaring you. And that’s exactly what planet Phi Liem promises you right now!

2- Money and Luck
You may find yourself facing unpleasant financial deadlines. It is high time to take care of your situation and avoid spending money. If you are reasonable, things will work out for you. Otherwise, cold sweats are promised!daily chinese ox horoscope 13th july 2019

3- Health
Astral influxes of the moment are extremely powerful in terms of health. You will easily repel microbes and viruses of all kinds and will be able to provide titanic efforts. Take advantage of your seemingly inexhaustible vitality right now to complete all the work and projects that are not working; do not waste it by indulging in futile activities.

4- Work
Despite your efforts, still a delay in your workload. Hurry to remedy this: it will be necessary that everything is returned in the order within the foreseen delays. No new interesting job opportunities. Do not listen to the false sounds that are circulating around you.

5- Home and Family
There will be no reason for your family life to be disrupted. Indeed, the planets will not directly affect the areas of your natal chart related to the family. For most of you, this day will be uneventful and comforting.

6- Social Life
With the good influxes of the star Kiep Sat, the chance and the unforeseen will play in your favor. You will meet people who will be useful to you at the right time. Everything will come in the ease. Unexpected twists will punctuate your journey by making the desired changes.