Ox Weekly Chinese Horoscope 15th to 21st July 2019

Ox Weekly Chinese Horoscope 15th to 21st July 2019

Planet Phuong will encourage romantic encounters, sweetness, delicacy. Everything will help you relax, make you see life in blue, pink, you who often claim a pleasure that you feel so easily frustrated. There will be very happy moments that will fill you between Tuesday and Thursday.

You will feel less than ever prisoner of your principles, of your rigor, because it is the happiness of love which will improve you. You will like a lot: this is an indisputable fact! It will be hard to resist your onslaught of seduction. You will combine wonderfully the mind and the heart to subjugate your partner or your prey.ox weekly chinese horoscope 15 to 21 july 2019

You will probably feel vague pains in the abdominal area. It is the star Van Xuong who will be the cause since it governs the digestive system and that it will be in bad aspects this week. Do not worry: the discomfort will quickly resolve, and you probably will not need to see your doctor.

At work, you will be able to obtain very interesting results during this period; but this will mainly concern the work you have started in the previous months.

The action will be important to you, and you will not have to hesitate to train others in your wake if you think that this can be helpful to you in achieving your goal. In all cases, be courageous and patient.