Pagani Huayra Roadster 2017 Latest General information

Pagani Huayra Roadster 2017

The Pagani Huayra Roadster is the convertible version of the Huayra Coupe, although it has structural and mechanical changes to make it lighter, more resistant to torsion and more powerful. The roof can be rigid with the center section glazed or canvas, the latter can be stored inside the vehicle. In both cases it is removed and placed by hand.

pagani huayra roadster

Of this vehicle Pagani will produce 100 units, although all of them are already sold for a base price of 2 280 000 euros (taxes not included). At present there are no alternatives to the Huayra Roadster, either by power or price (the closest convertible power is the Ferrari 488 Spider, which has 669 hp and a price 10 times lower).

The chassis of the Huayra Roadster is made of carbon fiber and titanium – which Pagani refers to as “Carbo-Triax HP52” – while the suspension subframes are made of chrome, molybdenum and vanadium steel. Pagani says that the weight of the Roadster is 80 kilograms lower than the Coupé and that the stiffness to the torsion is greater.

The engine is made by Mercedes-AMG. Its code is M158 and is the same as the one of the Huayra Coupe, but slightly modified to improve its performance. It is of gasoline, has twelve cylinders placed in a tire at 60º, a displacement of 5980 cm³ and two turbochargers. It gives a maximum power of 764 hp at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 1000 Nm at 2400 rpm (in the Huayra gives 730 hp at 5800 rpm and 1000 Nm at 2250 rpm). There are no performance data.

The gearbox is provided by X-Track. It is a manual of seven ratios, but there is no clutch pedal since an automation is in charge of driving it when the driver changes gears, either with touches on the lever or on the cams behind the steering wheel.

The design of the suspension is based on the Huayra BC of 751 hp (the lightest and fastest version of Huayra). The arms are of an aluminum alloy that Pagani calls HiForg and says that they are 25% lighter than those of the Huayra Coupe. The stability control has been reprogrammed to suit the characteristics of the Huayra Roadster. It has five possible operating programs: Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race and Off.

The brakes are carbocerámicos and are manufactured by Brembo. The front discs have a diameter of 380 millimeters, a thickness of 34 mm and have 6-piston calipers. The backs have the same size, but the calipers are 4 pistons. The tires are from Pirelli and the customer of the Huayra Roadster can choose to be PZero Corsa or PZero Trofeo R. The tires measure 20 inches in diameter in front and 21 in back.

Like the Huayra Coupe, the Roadster is a car with active aerodynamics. It has four movable deflectors in the body (two front and two rear), which change inclination to alter the resistance to airflow depending on the needs of grip of the vehicle. Pagani says that the Huayra Roadster can reach a lateral acceleration in curve of up to 1.8 G.

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