Patients with advanced cancer suffer from malnutrition

80% of patients with advanced cancer suffer from malnutrition

Patients suffering from malnourished cancer generally have poor appetite, vomiting, constipation, a feeling of satiety and when malnourished respond less to specific treatments, and surgery even delays the intervention to improve the patient’s nutritional status. It should also be noted that malnutrition is not the same in all patients or in all stages or stages of the disease.

cancer patient

Lung and digestive tract cancers cause problems for 40-50% of sufferers, while gynecological (breast, female reproductive tract) do not produce weight loss at first, although later they do. The best, said Gómez Candela, is the patient’s personalized treatment. Of particular concern is the case of patients who can not swallow solids and all that affects nutrition and cooking because both are closely linked.

A correct nutritional status is a key element in cancer patients, which means better tolerance and effectiveness for treatment. ” In addition, patients at risk of malnutrition require advice and tricks not to malnutrition and to improve their status considerably.

According to the experts, nutrition is a fundamental process in the treatment, since the pathology itself can lead to a caloric-protein malnutrition that can lead to a cause of mortality. Inappetence and a marked decrease in weight are the most common symptoms in cancer patients, since the tumor causes metabolic alterations that lead to the destruction of muscle mass. Approximately 20,000 cancer patients are treated each year in Spain, of whom more than 40 per cent suffer from malnutrition and up to 80 per cent require nutritional intervention.

What if the cancer sits at the table? Daily consumption of 400 to 800 g. Of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of the following cancers: Mouth, pharynx, larynx 33-50%; Esophagus, 58-80%; Lung 20-30%; Stomach 65-75%; Pancreas 30-55%; Colon 65-75% and bladder 10-20%. Vegetarians are at lower risk of cancer, studies say, not only because they avoid meat, but because they eat more fruits and vegetables.
Advised foods for cancer

About 80-90% of cancer cases may be associated with environmental factors, including food. The typical carcinogenic diet follows the Western dietary pattern that includes fast food, red meat, animal fat and many calories. Our body defends against external agents that can cause diseases and infections through the Immune Defensive System, in addition to the bacteria formed by the skin and mucous membranes.

The main cells of the defense system are the so-called lymphoids, which can be: primary, bone marrow and thymus, where lymphocytes are produced and mature; And secondary, tonsils, lymphocyte ganglia, spleen and Peyer’s plaques of the intestine, where mature lymphocytes are established and defense reactions are produced against aggressors. Prolonged stress, sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diets, insufficient rest, abrupt changes in temperature and others, cause our defenses to descend, taking advantage of the strange elements to enter the body.

They are called antigens that cause the formation of antibodies and the activation of lymphocytes that will be in charge of destroying the threat. If they do, the defenses will work, otherwise the infection or disease, cancer.

How to fight Cancer

  1. Do not smoke; If you smoke do not do it; If you can not quit, do not smoke in the presence of non-smokers.
  2. Avoid putting on the sun for a long time (especially people with white or sensitive skin).
    Maintain proper genital hygiene.
  3. Controls the consumption of alcoholic beverages, avoiding excesses.
  4. Prevents obesity; Follows an adequate diet, rich in fiber, vegetables, fruits and low in animal fats.
  5. Red meat should not exceed 10% of total daily energy.
  6. Salt from all sources should not exceed 6 grams / day.
  7. Exercise gently; At least half an hour a day.
  8. Store perishable foods in a way that minimizes fungal contamination.
  9. Cook meats and fish at low temperatures.
  10. You must participate in the hepatitis B vaccination programs and have regular mammograms after the age of 50.
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