How to do the perfect job interview must keep these tips

Tips for Overcoming a Job Interview

We must be aware that, as Oscar Wilde said “there is no second chance for a first impression.”

Interviewers often react to the candidate positively or negatively in 90 seconds, that is, in less than 2 minutes that person knows whether or not he will offer the position to which you aspire.

This means that you only have one chance to achieve your dream position. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that the interview starts from the moment you enter the company and ends up saying goodbye to the receptionist. It is imperative to take care of every detail.

job interview in perfect way

Fundamental Tips for Overcoming an Interview

Do not ever lie

This is the first and most basic advice of all. The person you will have before you has a thousand interviews behind your back, so it is not advisable to lie at all because you are caught before the liar than the lame. I am not asking you not to make up your work exploits, but to lie on the level of English and things like that is already widely seen and ineffective.

Show your interest

It is a crucial step before going to the interview. Find out about the company in question and investigate thoroughly about it. It inquires as much in the positive information as in the dirty cloths of the company. According to the Business Insider portal, 47% of the interviewers eliminate candidates because they have no or little knowledge about the company they are applying to.

Let them know your desire to learn

It prepares complex and creative questions that can put the interviewer in check or even the management of the company itself. In this way, you will show an enterprising attitude, bold and eager to learn. A Popular businessman┬ásays: “it is about surprising the one in front of you, and what better way to surprise than to provoke.”

Create your own story

We all have something to tell and you sure do too. That story combined with some background music, a good script and a previous preparation can become the best trailer of your life. The goal of a trailer is to sell the movie, because it adopts that concept and you see yourself. Of course, as I mentioned before, it is forbidden to lie.

It is a “cultural fit”

To have internalized in the person this capacity or chameleon advantage supposes almost as much or more than the own formation or the curriculum. This Anglo-Saxon concept comes to be the ability to adapt oneself to a new place or environment. L

Companies increasingly value this new ability as it helps create a better working environment, which translates into increased productivity and increased production for the company. That said, it shows that you have excellent personal and communicative skills. For this you must convey an open and outgoing attitude during the interview.

Clothing and physical appearance are a “plus”

70% of interviewers dismiss candidates for looking too trendy or fashion. It is advisable not to stand out from the standard. Use colors of neutral tones and try not to sin by choosing sets too ostentatious or provocative.

Image advisory experts recommend wearing blue, because it is a reassuring color and a safe bet for interviews. Other shades such as black or gray may also be appropriate, but unlike blue have too many nuances that include negative connotations.

Second is the physical aspect. We advise you to wear a simple and arranged hairstyle. In men the shorter the better and women, although you can play more with this feature, there is always the wild card of the bow or ponytail to give a formal and simple appearance.

In reference to makeup, it controls both quantity and colors. You do not have to go overly makeup, the simple is often more elegant than presumptuous.

Take care of your body language

As I told you at the beginning, everything starts from the time you arrive at the company, so everything you do and say transcends the final result, because although it may seem exaggerated, every action you perform is valued and qualified in a millimeter. Starting from the handshake, do not try to appear superior by squeezing with excessive force, since sometimes this can be interpreted as a sign of insecurity, but do not be a pusillanimous and give the “soft” hand.

Maintain eye contact at all times with the interviewer. He expresses himself and smiles, always smiling and often. This way the person in front of you can empathize with you. During the interview he applies the “triple nod” technique to nod and demonstrate that you are constantly listening. At the same time, show yourself interested but without getting to the point of restlessness, since it can transmit nervousness and insecurity.
The way and posture in which you feel also transmits much in the field of body language. Sit in a correct and educated way, men can choose to pass the leg over although the important thing is to stay upright and straight back. In the case of women the crossing of legs is the best option. Do not cross your arms under any circumstances since this gesture means an opposite and negative position. Also, do not knock with your foot on the table or on the floor or play with a pen or with an object that is on the table, because these behaviors communicate instability and imbalance.

How to explain a failure in interview

Explain to the interviewer that he has been a source of accumulated experience to apply to future professional challenges. You must convey that you are capable of learning from your mistakes and self-surpassing yourself. One thing you should never do is blame your superiors or colleagues for that failure, since that reflects a lack of loyalty to your previous company and bad camaraderie with your co-workers.

Your greatest success

While you have been asked about a failure in your work history, there is also a success you have achieved. It does not have to be professional, it is more, if you focus on the personal side you may touch the sensitive fiber of the interviewer and relax it. Do not settle for just describing the achievement, explain the difficulties you faced and how you managed to overcome them. The interviewer is interested in the case, but will pay more attention to details related to the success, effort and ingenuity related to success.

Small details of vital importance

Little tips that can be the ones that make the difference when they hire you;

Punctuality, it is advisable to arrive 5-10 minutes before the appointment. If you arrive before that time frame, it may give the impression that you have nothing to do or even get to convey an impatient image, which is not a very positive feature. Needless to say, you can not be late for the interview, because in that case you are automatically discarded.

Switch off the mobile phone. Not only can not ring or vibrate the mobile, but you can not receive whatsapps, messages, calls or even emails. And do not even look at it once, remember to keep eye contact at all times and be focused on the interview.

Finally the closing of the interview. In this part of the interview one usually has to ask one or several questions related to the post to which you postulate.

I recommend asking about the objectives to achieve in the position, evaluation system related or what promotion options would exist in the future. In this way, in addition to asking interesting questions, you show some security as you are visualizing a future in the company.

Finally, thank you for the opportunity you have been given and cordially say goodbye to the interviewee, and of course the reception, as these are the eyes and ears of the company and may have a certain degree of influence in your selection process.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.