Personality Traits of Sign Taurus | you may not know

Personality Traits of Sign Taurus that you may not know

The personality of the Taurus is characterized by perseverance and determination, but also by their desire to enjoy the good life. We tell you some features of the personality of the Taurus that you may not know:

1- Earthly It is an Earth sign. And besides that, it is the most earthly of all the signs, which often makes them appear practical and little given to daydreams.

2- Quiet and enjoy. Although you can find two types of Taurus, in reality, are very similar, there is one that moves the passion for life, to enjoy it and perhaps with enough momentum and others can be calmer and more home, but both ways of understanding life can go mixed

3- Patients Many of them can expect to wait an eternity for something if they think it’s fair.

4- They are decisive if they want to achieve the proposed objectives, although they can be very stubborn.

5- Practical They do not usually have the capacity for inventiveness, but if they get involved in a project they do not rest until they see it concluded successfully.

6- Value possessions. Sometimes we can exaggerate when talking about the passion they may have for everything material, but they are much more noble and generous than we can believe.

7- With a good heart They give everything to see their people happy and they settle for the affection and affection of those they love.

Psychology of the Taurus sign
The psychology of the Taurus sign revolves around the necessity. Its characteristic feature is that it is the sign of the zodiac that is more aware of needs, of covering what one lacks, of having what one desires.

If the sign Aries is pure desire, Taurus is the possession of that desire. Hence its tendency to accumulate, secure and maintain the achieved states. A Taurus has an unconscious movement that says “this is mine!” Or “this is for me”.

A Taurus –see in the Natal Chart of each one how much energy Taurus has- does not like changes because for him it means losing something, risking the stability obtained, having to return to cover needs.

While Aries goes in search of the outside and creates an effect on it, Taurus allows the outside to enter into it. Taurus is contemplative and observant. Its essence is to receive what the environment gives it. That is why he enjoys being in contact with Nature: he loves life.

Taurus: power and stability
The person with a lot of Taurus is immensely strong and powerful, like a bull. It does not usually move, but when it is put in motion it is gross when not taking into account the exterior. He does not usually decide, but when he decides it does not change anymore. Hence the reputation of stubborn or stubborn.

The sign Taurus is firm and secure, but as a contrast, flexibility is not its strong point. He has a hard time forgetting because he “keeps everything”. Always prioritize your need for stability to ensure your needs. It is a fixed and Earth sign.

Taurus needs to see things, touch things. Its function is to “make the body” or materialize things. Body contact is one of its pleasures, hence its sensuality and its power of attraction (Venus).

The ruling planet is Venus, with which Taurus has the capacity for aesthetics and the assimilation of reality.

The Taurus person (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other planets in the sign Taurus) has the following characteristics, personality, and way of being.

As we saw in Psychology of the Taurus Sign, all Taurus virtues entail a lack or detriment. For example, being cautious inherently implies being slow.

Description of a Taurus:
Strong and resistant
Safe, firm and stable
Practical and realistic
Faithful and conservative
Careful and slow in his actions
With huge sleeping genius that awakens at times
Aware of all your physical and physical needs
Maintains with tenacity the projects initiated by the Aries

Taurus gives great importance to possessions. Your welfare depends a lot on whether you have sufficient purchasing power, for example, to have what you need and want. They also tend to have physical charms, beautiful or beautiful people.

This is a short synthetic summary list for contacting the energy of Taurus people. The complete birth chart of the individual will define and modify these qualities.
Other characteristics of Taurus

The Taurus Sign is habitually associated with these other characteristics:

Earth element
NATURE: Female
Spring station
COLOR: Light green, pink and turquoise
METAL: Copper and bronze
STONES: Emerald, agate, coral and alabaster
FLORES: Azucena, Rosa, Jacinto
NUMBERS: 2 and 5

Taurus In relationships
A bit introverted, a Taurus will tend to build intimate relationships that last a long time. They are reliable and loyal, dedicated to those who feel close and have to examine other people slowly and completely to create a real connection. Dependents and Gentiles, this is a friend that you will want to have on your side, to share all the positive experiences and resist the negative ones.

They fear conflicts and aggression, these individuals will be closed to characters too noisy and aggressive. Slow and stubborn, they can be annoying for some of the signs of Air and Fire that need more speed and emotion in their lives. A Taurus is someone you want to have on your side in the long term, not to share an adventure of one or two days.

As couples – Taurus representatives are attentive and careful, but often they can become controllers and possessives, avoiding the time alone possibilities their partners may need.

This is not such a bad thing for someone with a Scorpio personality when love is mutual but does not lend much support to relationships of people who need much more freedom and adventure. However, their compassionate and sensitive nature will usually help them to understand the needs of their partners and this helps them stay with the more liberal couples that you can imagine.

As parents – people born under this sign may be too conservative and inflexible, with a tendency strangely accentuated by emotional blackmail and control. They have to give their children enough freedom or they could easily end up in an infinite circle of hurting and looking guilty.

Careful, generous and grounded, a Taurus will always seek to meet the practical needs of their children and offer them everything they need to build common sense and be grounded. This is a sign of physical love and they show love through touch and kissing, which can be uncomfortable for teens at a certain point.

If they respect the limits of their children and remain on their passionate side, they become the image of the perfect father, always there for what a child needs and open to give enough freedom and space for growth.

As childrenTaurus are often perceived as lazy and slow. They should be allowed the satisfaction they need and it is wrong to deprive a Taurus of sweets and other earthly pleasures too often.

This type of frustration will only make them want to be freer and make unhealthy decisions later in life. The key to your upbringing is to achieve a healthy routine and achieve authority through understanding and compassion.

They will seek to dig deep and stop moving as soon as they feel pressured to do things they do not want and need a strong emotional bond with their parents in order to build a positive personality. If they feel unloved, this will not help their personalities get stronger or endure positive circumstances later in life.

Love and intimacy
Each Taurus needs time to create an intimate bond with another human being. They enjoy that things are done slowly and often have traditional values and morals that were expected in their upbringing. Once they open, they will give love freely and without hidden motives.

Their romance must be understood and nurtured, followed by sufficient tenderness, games, and devotion. If they find the right person, their love life can be full of satisfaction and adventure even as they get older and they can begin to feel bad about their bodies.

Taurus Careers
The Taurus is reliable workers and dependents. They prefer stability and tend to be loyal to their employers for longer than other signs. Never risking too much, this is an employee who can endure bad times and stay close to the leading person for as long as necessary.

Rational and practical, reliable with finances and profits, a Taurus is motivated by specific rewards and bonuses. With a tendency to economics, banking, construction, and agriculture, they are also sensitive souls who can turn their talents to art.

Stability is the keyword for this zodiac sign. Taurus loves the money and will work hard to increase his bank account. At work, Taurus is reliable, hardworking, patient and thorough. When you focus on a project, it stands firm no matter what happens.

The sense of self-worth is a huge motivation for Taurus, as well as his desire for rewards. They like to be surrounded by material pleasures, good food, and luxuries, that is why their work is very important. It is the way through which they achieve their goals and know it.

They are excellent at managing their money, so all their accounts will be paid on time, and at the same time, they will be able to make savings. The occupations that fit with this zodiacal sign are agriculture, cooking, medicine, education, and construction.

Positive Taurus Traits
Practical in all situations and issues, helping everyone around them to solve earthly challenges.

Reliable and at the disposal of your partner, family, friends, and anyone you respect.

Patients in the strangest moments, usually when others would give up in a situation where they have to wait.

Negative Taurus Traits
Materialistic and strongly tied to money and material possessions.

Loose as individuals prone to seek physical satisfaction and hedonistic pleasures.

Possessive things that they love, as a consequence of their fear of loss and change.

Taurus Man Traits
To summarize the nature of the men of the Taurus sign it is convenient to use a word: “Patience”. Although you can also add to this “Work”. And the Taurus natives are lovers of patient work, which ends up breaking all barriers, exceeding limits and breaking down resistance. Yes: Taurus men have come to this world to break what remained solid and untouchable: they are the evidence that the effort of a single person can change the world.

Those born under the sign of Taurus have maximum effort and tolerance. Like every great worker and creator, he puts himself (as soon as he sees the light) to the task of mending the world, of bringing him closer to the ideal image he has of him. For the Taurus, there is a duty and that is to make of their life, work, and of the work, eternity. Taurus knows that all his actions have repercussions and therefore he must undertake them in the best way, with the greatest strength, with all fortitude.

When it comes to love, Taurus men assume the couple as a lifelong task. They do not believe so much in love at first sight as in the love that is built day by day, moment by moment, with facts … Taurus lovers do not make promises: they anticipate the wishes of their partners and make them a reality with actions and deeds. They are not very affectionate (they are not kissing or hugging in public), but their actions speak for them. They like to be suppliers and do not give up until the woman of their dreams feels served like a real queen.

That dedication makes them great and attentive parents, who closely follow the lives of their children and sometimes commit excesses, like trying to live their lives for them by removing all obstacles from their front. They are too overprotective and too tolerant of their little ones, which can lead them to spoil them. They compensate for these shortcomings with a love for all proof and a total commitment to the family and the home.

The men of the sign of Taurus are tireless workers, who in this quality may have their greatest defect. And they surrender themselves with such passion to work that they may forget that there are other things to take care of, other ways of living time and making the most of it. And that obsession can separate them from the people who love them. It is necessary that they know the balance: life is worthwhile only if one lives where love and happiness are offered.

To be close to a Taurus is to be close to someone who values work and struggle, who does not know defeat because he believes that each one has to create his own destiny.

How to Attract To Taurus Man
If you like strong, loyal, reliable and generous men, you will love men born under the sign of the Taurus star. Taurus men are trustworthy, independent, patient and very loyal. One of the most negative characteristics of the Taurus sign is its extreme stubbornness. If you were thinking about leaving clues and throwing suggestive glances in the hope that you receive the message, think again.

The Taurus man is slow to grasp, so you’ll probably have to invite him to come out yourself. The Taurus man does not like any kind of artificiality, so when you flatter it, it might be better to restrict your comments to genuine phrases and not overdo it. Prepare to invest a lot of time earning your trust.

He may be a person of few words and that may make you feel that you are not having any progress with him. Men born under the sign of Taurus love cooking, for your part, you can invite him to a place where he is comfortable or prepare delicious homemade food. The Taurus man enjoys romance and sees it as something natural and fun. He is extremely loyal and will never betray you. However, if you betray him, he will never forgive you. Show him that you are loyal and you will be on the right path to seduce the Taurus man.

Taurus Woman Traits and Personality
We investigate the character and personality of each sign of the zodiac to understand a little better the female soul. Many people do not believe in the horoscope, but the truth is that some of our most characteristic features are determined by the stars, assumed as their own the day of our birth. Discover in the horoscope of the Taurus woman how is her character and her personality.

If the Taurus woman is characterized by something, it is because of her practical personality. Tenacious and hard-working, this woman aspires to live a comfortable and calm life and puts a lot of effort to achieve it. With a firm will and solid values, she is often considered a stubborn person and little given to change her mind.

Her pragmatic spirit is accompanied by a devastating realism in which hardly fit fantasies or daydreams. The sense of duty is the first thing for this woman to whom they can destabilize the people they want to be torn between the duty and the desire not to harm others.

Taurus woman character
The strong personality of the Taurus woman translates into a strong and determined character that is not easily intimidated. Determination and perseverance are the strengths with which this woman can achieve success and not lose hope in the future.

She is also a generous woman who demonstrates an unwavering loyalty to the people she loves, although not excessive expressions of affection. But the Taurus woman is also a demanding person; if she brings unconditional loyalty and support, she also asks for sincerity and honesty.

How to Attract Taurus Woman
If you want to seduce a woman born under the sign of Taurus, you will have to appeal to her sense of romance. Taurus women, rather than being seduced, like to be courted, which means they will not be quick to get into the love with a man.

The personality of Taurus is one of the most recognizable of the zodiac. The positive features of Taurus include reliability, practicality, ambition, sensuality, and independence. However, they also have some negative traits and can become very lazy, stubborn, materialistic and possessive. The Taurus woman yearns for true love and security. It is very unlikely that she will get carried away by her love desire quickly, so if you really want to be with her you will have to invest time and energy making her feel comfortable

However, once she falls in love, she falls deeply in love and will be loyal and affectionate. You will be at your partner’s side as long as your partner is loyal to you. The Taurus woman has a weakness for beauty and appreciates the fine things in life, so if you want to seduce her, you can take her to a good restaurant. Taurus women enjoy good things, so they will be a careful audience if you decide to show the expensive or luxurious things you have.

Remember that the Taurus woman does not like to feel pressured during an appointment, so let her take her time. Once you feel safe and comfortable with you, it will allow you to seduce her completely.

Tips for Taurus to improve Their relationships
A native of Taurus can easily be distinguished by the way he acts and relates to his environment: They are educated people, who adapt to established norms and who try to make their life orderly and disciplined.

They do not like last-minute changes and are quite intransigent when it comes to modifying attitudes and thoughts but they are also fair and will always try to treat others with consideration.

Like all signs, Taurus has qualities and defects in its way of being and although the essence of people does not change, some recurrent errors can be modified to improve ties and have more harmonious relationships with the environment both in the workplace and personal.

To these ends, go these tips for the natives of the sign of the bull that undoubtedly will be of enormous benefit to polish the most questionable points of their way of being.

Recommendations for Taurus to have better relationships
Tolerance: Although Taurus does not have problems adapting to different work and social environments and is an educated person with good manners, the truth is that any contradiction that they raise about their way of thinking or acting unbalances them and brings out their bad mood.

The advice for the natives of the sign of the bull is that they try to take the criticisms as contributions and possibilities of adding skills and new perspectives to their way of being, instead of taking them as aggressions.

Improvisation: Taurus needs to have his day to day rigorously scheduled and organized and if possible the whole life as well. The organization gives stability and having calculated to the smallest detail makes them feel that nothing can fail, but this is not the case.

The truth is that life is dynamic, that everything can change from one moment to another and only who adapts is successful. The advice for Taurus is to exercise the art of being carried away by circumstances: You will see that often the things that we do not plan can be the most interesting and enriching.

Trust: On the level of love relationships Taurus is possessive, jealous and distrustful. Any daily attitude of your partner, even the most innocent can generate a sea of questioning and a whirlwind of jealousy most of the time without any foundation.

This characteristic of the bullfighting can lead to suffocating your partner to the point of spoiling a relationship with the future depending on their distrust and their inability to relax and trust.

The advice is that they begin to exercise self-assessment to understand that if someone chooses and loves them, that circumstance is not constantly at risk simply because their partner interacts with other people or has their own life. Expect loyalty and loyalty is very good in any relationship but when jealousy crosses a certain line can relapse in pathological relationships that do no good, starting with the jealous Taurus.


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