Pisces Daily Astrological Readings Today Wednesday 18th October 2017

Pisces Daily Astrology Horoscope Today Wednesday 18th October 2017

Wednesday is happening in the important transit of Venus, planet of love, the fire element, you’ll be amazed at how some people react to an emotional proposition that seemed had not crystallized, and now resurfaces positively.

Uranus and Neptune – who is your ruler – are retrograde so do not turn a small summer blizzard into a hurricane. Control those impulses and do not make a scandal for a situation that confuses you, but that is not as serious as it seems and much less an act of infidelity or betrayal. Your work is going well regardless of what you can hear. Follow your plans as before and you will see how in a few days you begin to receive the first results of your work efforts.pisces astrology reading of 18th october 2017

Pisces Love Astrology Reading 18th October 2017
Love is by your side, but you have not managed to identify yet. Pay attention to the signals that are being sent indirectly by those around you and you will discover innuendos and signs in which something beautiful for you is augured.

Pisces Health Psychic Readings 18th October 2017
Experience a great improvement in your chronic ailments and a general revitalization throughout your body as a result of good vibrations emitted by Venus upon favorable for you in transit astrological aspects to the fire element.

Pisces Work Astrology Readings 18th October 2017
You wake up with a great idea and you should not miss it, Pisces. What you do today is tempered with a touch of genius accentuated by the transit of Venus in the fire element, and if you apply your will to reach your goals you will be receiving recognition and even a possible promotion.

Pisces Luck and Money Astrology Readings 18th October 2017
As you open up to the new ideas and systems that are now turning you around you will achieve your success. You are on the right path to improve your economy, but if you lower your guard and do not move quickly you could delay the triumph. You have accomplished a lot, but still the best is lacking, especially once your regent, Neptune, finishes its retrograde transit.

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