Pisces Daily Horoscope Friday May 20th 2022

This day you will feel intuitive, your strong intuition can guide you throughout life. Your innate understanding of the past gives you a practical view of the future. With the Moon’s trine position to Saturn, it is possible that any psychic abilities would be inherited and developed during past incarnations.

Although not a high-energy transit, you should be motivated to express your creativity and a good sense of rhythm through dance, music, sculpture, and other creative mediums. You may also feel a strong urge to participate in religious or more spiritual activities, particularly involving groups of people. These are the conditions generated by Mars trine to Neptune.


You love your family and your home. Although that love may not be openly evident to everyone, you still need to say it freely. You are affectionate and encouraging to those around you, and you will do everything you can to maintain a peaceful environment in your home.

Your cool emotional reactions are an asset in a crisis, and you can be counted on during difficult or stressful times. Your trustworthy nature earns you the respect of young people and the general public. It is the force of the Moon in opposition to Neptune.

There are days that feel like childhood dives, and this day just might offer you that kind of journey. Perhaps you will remember more than ever the little girl that you were, perhaps even the settings in which you lived in your first years. If you have time, you could write this: your memories, your childhood dreams. It’s finally a pretty romantic day.


Leo in your 5th house makes you love life and everything it represents to feel important, free, radiant, and happy. And when it comes to love, he requires a person to accompany him on those adventures of happiness and passion. You will be the best lover for now.

Be daring and get on the track of life to showcase your happiness and your talents. Your natural shyness too often prevents you from expressing the creative richness that is within you. You are a resourceful person and there is no reason why others should not take advantage of it. What you think is as important as what your neighbor thinks. Do not hesitate to proclaim your ideas and express your feelings.


The kidneys and generative organs could be weak by now. The passage of the Moon through the sign of Libra affects this part of your body. Taking the necessary steps to divert the energy would be important. That is why it is advisable to exercise and always drink enough water.

Happiness is finding joy in the thousands of gestures of daily life. Do not see the tasks to be accomplished as something necessarily daunting. Try to find pleasure in the little details of the day, like the calm that watering the plants can bring you. If necessary, do the chores in pairs or with the phone stuck under your chin to find the timeless long!


The Moon in Libra likes to get its own way, so you will achieve your goals with the support of those around you. For now, you are an excellent planner, but you prefer to delegate the practical work to others because you urgently need to move on to what follows.

This day will allow you to focus on the essentials of your work. Small satellite questions, although useful to solve, will not be topical. And if you have an important deadline today, an appointment, a meeting to prepare, a file to submit. it is on yourself that you will have to focus your attention. Your mastery must apply to your emotions.

Money and Luck

Due to your high sense of conciliation, for now, you will be very inclined to agree, harmony and human appreciation, achieving what you propose in business matters, but without going over anyone, the trend of justice is always your priority. So you are generally rich and can achieve a good position in life. They are the conditions that the Moon generates for you passing through the sign of Libra.

Your general mood will be excellent today. You will be particularly happy and relaxed because everything will appear to you in a good light. Some malevolent spirits, however, might try to persuade you otherwise. Let them say, let them do, their interests are not the same as yours. So stay true to your principles and determined, because you’re the one who’s right, no!

Pisces Tomorrow’s Horoscope

A magnificent position in the sky today. These are planets that could make you a sort of prophet in the days to come. Whatever scale you express yourself on, the progress you are spearheading will begin to spread and be emulated. You will be jubilant!