Pisces Daily Horoscope Today 13th July 2022

Your 1st house with Neptune, your ruling planet; It helps you to be someone focused on the service and help of your human brothers and that you can express yourself with great wisdom and ancestral knowledge that will make you a very intriguing and pleasant personality at the same time.

Focus your energy on studies and you could be having very pleasant surprises because Fortune rests on your 9th house and with it your ability to learn and the specialized studies that you could be having; as well as possible trips abroad due to your studies.

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You will be connecting in much more subtle and intuitive ways with your partner; Well, the Moon from your 7th house tells us about it and how you could have interesting dreams uniting with your loved one; or to be able to intuit that your partner needs something due to that strong connection that they now have.

It is time that you think very well about your belonging to certain social groups that you attend; Well, you could be going out of habit and they are no longer bringing anything new to your life; Well, Pluto in your 1st house invites you to reform your interests and groups or clubs where you are; to focus your energy on other issues and people that bring better results to your life.

If you plan to form a new business partnership, today is the right day to take the first steps in that direction. Any business venture started today, particularly if it is a partnership, has a great chance of success. This could have a major influence on the direction of your life, so you must consider all possible eventualities. Get ready for success and enjoy the adventure!

Today old demons and dreams are on the agenda. Would you have liked to be an artist? Are you fully sure of it? If you are already an artist, would you like to be so in a more prominent or enriched way? Do not trust such fantasies because they keep you from being able to enjoy your real life. Living in the “here and now” and accepting what you already have will ultimately give you the same satisfaction as those who are more wealthy or famous.

You will actively enjoy communicating and expressing everything you have within you on an emotional and spiritual level with a lot of expansion, energy and vitality since the Sun and Mercury from your 5th house favor you so that your internal projects and desires are materialized and you can enjoy of them widely.

You may need to cancel plans to get together with friends or your significant other as you have unexpected responsibilities to attend to. This will be annoying, especially since you will disappoint others, but they are things that happen. Don’t feel bad: it won’t have a lasting effect on any of your relationships. Fulfill your obligations and schedule some fun time for later. They will forgive you.

Take care of the flow of your negative emotions and the excess of sweetness or tenderness that you can generate since the excess of contrary emotions is a constant in you today thanks to Venus and Mars from your 6th house; so it controls your emotional center very well to avoid possible diseases derived from it.

Your energy may have ups and downs. In a moment you will be full of fire. And the next minute! You will feel like taking a nap! But this erratic feeling is just part of the energy of the day. Try to control these changes as best you can. You’ll probably want to avoid caffeine and sugar so you don’t experience a sudden drop in blood sugar. And to stay focused, you may need to take frequent breaks throughout the day.

Control your emotional impulses in your working day because today they are from one pole to the other and that in a job many times more than virtues attract misfortunes; so being very even-tempered and maintaining a stoic attitude in the face of the circumstances that arise will be your best strategy so as not to lose your center.

Group activities or social events around you will put you in touch with new and exciting people who could eventually become friends. Shared goals and interests will lead to ambitious project plans. Anything you undertake today will be successful if everyone involved participates. At night: organize a quiet evening alone with your sweetheart or with some friends. Enjoy your day!

Money and Luck
Start those financial projects that you have in mind because you will have the active and energetic impulse of Aries in you to be able to carry them out; and thus be able to generate a new economic income and improve your financial life.

A trip you wanted to take will have to be postponed, probably for financial reasons. You will want to make the trip with a person who at the moment cannot pay for it. You will be disappointed, but remember that it has only been postponed. You can have your vacation later. Don’t be afraid to start with the arrangements. By then, your friend will have the money.

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