Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 13th November 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 13th November 2020

As you know, Pisces, your sign is highly intuitive, and in these moments that intuition is exalted under the effluvium of the Moon, which being in the full moon phase is highly inspiring. On the other hand, with the trine of Mercury and the Sun this day you feel more alert, with the ability to better understand and differentiate the truth from the lie. If you were worried or restless about a family matter, there is good news for you since from this Friday what reaches your ears will fully satisfy you, Pisces. A word of warning: there is a square with Venus so don’t say the first thing that comes to mind, wait, and reflect before making important decisions. Today you will be in the mood to get together with friends and watch a game or just chat. Don’t be so eager to forget about your responsibilities and leave all your tasks piled up without accomplishing them. It is very easy to leave everything for another day, but the pile is getting higher. Why not invite friends to help you and reward them with dinner?

You know very well that many times your intuition makes you anticipate events. It has happened to you many times and it may be happening to you right now with a work issue that has you thinking. If you think some certain ideas or modifications would significantly improve your work, don’t let today go by without proposing them. Don’t wait for them to ask you, go ahead. You know it will be better this way but you can’t decide to do it. Then, if they tell you something about it, your arguments will sound like an excuse. In love, you now live in a calm sea, but sometimes so much tranquility is also quite boring. Try to go out more with your partner, share times of fun alone or in the company of other people. It is not about big things but about small details like going to wait for you after work. You will gain a lot of complicities.pisces daily horoscope 13th november 2020

The sextile of your ruler Neptune with the Moon and Saturn acts as a great teacher, Pisces. Do not be disappointed by an initial refusal and insist, many times behind a “no” there is a “yes” that is not expressed by shyness, fear of rejection, or other factors. If that person attracts you, do not be silent. It is your time to live, to enjoy what is now coming into your life.

Today you may feel a bit bold to express your feelings to your partner. The energy of the day can lead you to make a proposal, ask her out on a date, or make a change in your personal relationship. You will be prepared to act definitively in the direction of your choice. Let yourself be carried away by your feelings today, and you will provoke positive energy in your romantic world.

Singles, if a travel proposal emerges, don’t miss it! Not only does it promise an exciting and rewarding adventure, but it will also have a great meeting in store for you. The positive influence of the moon will be particularly reflected in couples. An unforgettable period of sweetness and fullness awaits you with your partner. You may well have found the perfect mother or father for your children. Symbol of fertility, the star perhaps announces a future pregnancy.

The health problems that you could have at this time tend to be associated with respiratory disorders that can be avoided by maintaining a clean environment, free of dust, and especially without cigarette smoke that causes so much damage to health and life.

A wave of stress is likely to overwhelm you during the day. Nothing very important, don’t worry. You need to breathe calmly and deeply to be in full possession of your means. Drink a chamomile and orange blossom infusion to optimize feelings of relaxation and well-being. Let yourself be transported by soft and benevolent feelings towards yourself. Do not hesitate to ask for courage from those around you.

You could decide to form a partnership with someone. It could be a romantic or business union. You will feel that you and the other person are such for which. Maybe you’ve recently met someone special. You may be ready to seriously date this person. Or you’ve probably decided to do business with a very good friend. They could form a corporate entity together, merging their resources and talents.

A work cycle is coming in which there will be a total renewal of your work methods and you will get that position that you have been seeking for so long. There is good news for the unemployed Pisceans during these last weeks of 2020.

Your presence is going to be in high demand today. People are going to pull you around to be part of the spree. You may also have several projects that require your attention and you don’t know which one to focus your energy on. Some friction could arise because you have to leave one situation to attend to another.

Money and Luck
Alert, the full moon activates your sixth sense. Soon what you have been waiting for will reach your hands, but be prudent and do not spend it right away since in a few days you will need to invest it in a lucrative activity that will yield benefits in a short time, Pisces.

Information that emerges from the subconscious will help you increase your flow? It could well be information you read and forgot or something you heard in a restaurant. Whatever it is, analyze the situation carefully and if the information is accurate, do not miss this opportunity. These days, fortunes are earned in an untraditional way!

Are you known for impulse buying and the inability to limit your spending? We can only advise you not to set foot in a store today. Indeed, Mars in this aspect pushes you to spend even more easily than your usual. Even a phone call from your banker or a sermon from your mother could not dissuade you from buying this pretty trinket that sits in the window (and which you will not have to do when you get home). If your spendthrift attacks get really out of hand, take a few tickets with you in the morning and leave your bank card at home.

Family and Friends
If the atmosphere was tense within your immediate family, it will definitely calm down. Don’t put off the big talk that needs to be done. Install all these little people around a table and put all the little things that weigh on you every day. Accept with kindness the reproaches made to you. You will then find the calm that usually reigns under your roof. If you have a little slack, don’t hesitate to lean on your best friend’s shoulder. He will know how to give you the strength that you lack.

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