Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 14th December 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 14th December 2018

The time of remembrance is established in your horoscope, but of the affective intensity. Possibly in this cycle you are experiencing a feeling of restlessness, and if so, you should pay more attention to your intuitions and not expose yourself unnecessarily to danger.

Place your money in a safe place and avoid carelessness so you do not fall into the hands of robbers and robbers! Much tact when it comes to commenting on certain personal things with those who know how to keep secrets because they could compromise you and cause difficulties in your relationship or between good friends. Memories beset you, but your word will be effective and will fix everything.pisces daily horoscope today friday 14th december 2018

You are feeling an inner urge to leave a relationship and launch into a new adventure. Be careful because those impulses could spoil your love life and an ephemeral slip should not be the cause of a sentimental break.

With the Moon in your element, water, you tend to distraction. A lot of concentration and care because you can repeat doses that do not suit you or take the wrong medicine. If you suffer from any serious condition do not neglect it and go to the doctor.

Today’s planetary positions can make you somewhat dissatisfied with your current job position. Do not worry too much because this sensation responds more to a state of mind than to objective circumstances and it will soon pass and you will be rewarded.

Money and Luck
Do not lean too much on the ability to improvise because today Friday, with the Moon in your element, and the cosmic influence of your ruler, Neptune, you tend to be somewhat deluded. If you are going to start a new project, devote the time and energy necessary to put everything in its place and study what you are going to do before launching yourself into that economic adventure.

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