Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 15th July 2022

This is because Neptune in your 1st house influences you in this way because this planet develops in you a strong sense of empathy and union with other people and a fervent desire to be able to help and serve your neighbor; something that many people recognize and value about you.

Take advantage of the fact that Fortune settles in your 9th house and give hard to those studies that you have pending, investigate those topics that interest you so much or venture to learn new things because you could have very good progress and satisfaction from these decisions.

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A very subtle connection has already been generated between you and your partner that allows you to perceive each other in intuitive ways and even be able to feel yourself in dreams or anticipate your messages or calls; Well, the Moon in your 7th house creates these subconscious connections between you.

Pluto in your 11th house inclines you to connect with groups and people who have similar tastes to yours through the use of social networks and the internet; this allows you to approach those interests that you have and people who can help you increase your knowledge on the subject.

This is not a day to sit still. If you are not at the dock exactly at the designated time, you may miss the boat. Make sure your watch is on time. There is a schedule for rest and one for activity. Today we refer to the latter. Live life to the max. Make each day count.

You will enjoy using the computer to investigate. There may be something you need to learn. Perhaps you hope to find more information on a business topic. Or you want to learn about a legal topic. You might even have fun trying to track down old friends. Use the wonderful tools you have at your disposal. Soon you will find the answers you need.

You have the energy of the Sun and Mercury at your disposal to be able to carry out those plans and projects where you can manifest your desires and passions that make you vibrate from the heart; the vitality and expansion through communication that come together in you today will be very useful for this.

The people around you will be boisterous and vociferous. At work, your colleagues will joke around or argue loudly. You will feel that the energy is a bit nerve-wracking. Or maybe your family members are hyperactive, running around or talking in a hurry. If you don’t feel comfortable in such a fast pace, just keep your own relaxed style.

Without a doubt, you should improve and control how your emotions are manifested, since having a conjunction of Mars and Venus from your 6th house, it is likely that you will not feel emotionally well at all and if you do not take care of it and handle it properly, it can lead to some illness.

Today is a good day to be a little adventurous. You may be in the mood to try something new. Maybe you want to go to an exotic restaurant for lunch. A different ethnic cuisine can be tempting for your palate. Or you might decide to buy clothes that are unusual in color or style for you. Today you will enjoy experiencing new things. Dare to incorporate new energy into your life.

In the same way, within your work environment, it will be of vital importance that you make the best possible use of your emotional intelligence so as not to fall into provocations or anger that will arise during your working day; because the Conjunction of Venus and Mars make you very fickle and susceptible to emotional imbalances.

Your sixth sense is very sharp today, and you can fully trust your emotions and intuitions. Follow your instinct and get things going. This is an excellent time to start a long-planned project, so plant the seeds of the dream you want to manifest. Take it all lightly. Today people will be very impressionable, use the opportunity to positively influence others in word and deed.

Money and Luck
You have the power to start any financial project you want because the energy of the sign of Aries from your 2nd house is totally at your disposal, so make good use of it and create new economic income that can favor you financially.

It is possible that today you can concentrate intensely and that you feel like reading a lot. What you are studying could fascinate you so much that you even dream about it. Do not dismiss these dreams; They might give you new ideas. It is likely that the information you find today will be very positive for your work situation.

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