Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 19th October 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 19th October 2018

If you are in the middle of a situation of love instability and away from the beloved person, do not stay seated waiting for the solution to arrive. You have on your part the intuitive resources of Pisces linked to the energy coming from the Moon in conjunction with the Sun. In these coming days you will recover a land that you thought you had lost and you will see how a position that you thought was not going to be consolidated for you.

The positive influences of Jupiter inspire you and help compensate for the retrograde traffic of your ruler Neptune. These last weeks of the year will be characterized by a total renewal of your way of seeing reality, and an approach towards that person. There is no need to accept the status quo, especially since you have the power to change it. As much as you have been sitting and expected others to take over. Today is the day for you to step forward and implement some changes that are so desperately needed. For you today is the day of independence. Celebrate it.

There is nothing impossible for a Pisces who knows how to turn his dreams into reality and that is what is happening to you during this astral period that is beginning with the new moon. Love ceases to be a dream, it becomes real. Today it consumes a deep feeling of love towards those around you and everything that lives on Earth. You get drunk with romance and passion and eagerly look for the company of a love. Your imagination is through the roof, and you would like to give a gift to someone you love. You also feel very spiritual.

Avoid strong odors when cleaning the home such as ammonia and detergents with excess chlorine. In this astral cycle your lungs and bronchi are very sensitive and any similar inhalation would harm you. You can be very passionate about your beliefs. You have a very clear sense of good and evil, and you have no difficulty in sharing your opinions with others. Today you will feel inspired to express yourself in a bold way. Maybe your sense of justice will be unleashed. You can worry about something you see or hear. You will want to intervene and show people another way of seeing things.

A labor movement will place you in the best position to assume a new responsibility. If your current job does not compensate and fill it then it will be time to change occupation, remember that to succeed in a company you must love what you do, otherwise, things do not go well. You can receive nice comments. Sometimes you do not feel appreciated. But now you could hear some good compliments. Maybe your boss will show your support for your effort. Or maybe you receive compliments from someone whose opinion matters to you. You will definitely feel that influential people have recognized you in some way. Soak up that applause and bow!

Money and Luck
For several days, a happy economic movement has been glimpsed in your financial horizon. Soon there will be a trip on your horizon, and possibly with good results. Make the most of it and you’ll earn more. Today some questions will arise, this will serve as a reminder that we are not perfect. Do not take criticism from others so harshly. Take into account that they make comments about your behavior and not about your personality. do not judge the attitudes of others. Live and let live. People will be rebellious today. Beware of not trying to unconsciously manipulate the actions of others. It will not work, and it is not okay to do.