Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 21st September 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 21st September 2018

The influence of the Moon envelops your sign with a different tone this Friday. Do not intoxicate your body with impure artificial substances. Natural foods will greatly contribute to your improvement. Act with objectivity and do not let yourself be carried away by desires but rather apply that natural and empathic intelligence of your Pisces sign to separate from your life the things that do not work in love and finish what is not convenient even if it hurts.

A short trip promises a lot, but before doing it, make sure you leave everything well arranged in your home, work and family so that you will not be worried or headaches afterwards. That way it will be better.

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It is a time of unpredictable situations so n go to take action or final or drastic decisions that then complicate your love life. The day presents very good perspectives and this weekend you will better understand the importance of always listening to the voice of your heart.

Pisces who are considering some type of surgery on their feet, like bunions, hammertoes or something similar, or those who have varicose veins now receive a good healing impact for the good energy of the Moon.

If you are unemployed and offer a job, do not make plans until you have everything under control since at this moment there are those who will approach you with offers that are not so good, and if you give them credit and insist on new debts then you would have serious difficulties.

Money and Luck
The lunar energy in the air element will help you find alternative ways to place money that will arrive in the coming days and put it to work effectively in your economic life. What you thought was impossible, becomes reality.