Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 29th January 2021

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 29th January 2021

This day you woke up very communicative, with a happy tone, you want to talk with friends that you haven’t seen for a long time. It is the time to share ideas, launch yourself into new economic adventures, business, shopping. In sentimental matters, very interesting paths open up for you. You will be attracted to a person you recently met but who is keeping you awake. If you don’t have a stable partner now, the time has come to explore all the possibilities, but if you do, avoid situations that could endanger your relationship and cause unnecessary jealousy between the two of you.

Right now you need a break. You have been so busy and worried that you will want to rejoice a little. Try to put aside your work worries. Go out with friends and have a nice meal together. Or schedule a romantic evening with your sweetheart. You need to silence your mind and let go of those worries. Put yourself in a situation that allows you to rest and enjoy yourself. Spend time with people who amuse you.pisces daily horoscope 29th january 2021

The confusion and indecision of these past days give rise to a climate of greater tranquility. You understand that it is not worth worrying about what has already happened and that there is no remedy. The good news is that when your birthday cycle starts in a few weeks, the doors of love will open wide for you too.

Today will start as a very frustrating day. Be prepared! Maybe some equipment you were working with breaks down, and it will take time to repair. A temporary separation from your partner can also make you unhappy. You will have too much physical energy and too little immediate output. Take a long walk. Not only can this serve as an energetic outlet, but it will also clear your mind.

What an outburst of love! Saturn doesn’t do things by halves in this area today. In the program? A crazy bond with your partner, naughty games galore and a dynamic regained as on the first day … This is what is called being in seventh heaven! For singles who are impatient not to find the right fit for them, don’t lose hope: the day promises to be rich in meetings and one of them could be the right one!

If you are suffering from a disorder such as asthma, diabetes, or allergies, you will experience improvements because during this astral stage your will is strengthened as well as your immune system in general.

An emotional issue with a family member will make you want to run away and hide somewhere. Don’t avoid it – this may be just what you need to clear your thoughts regarding the problem and heal your wounded psyche before facing this person again. You might also get some pretty disconcerting revelations about yourself and old traumas that you’ve long forgotten about. Don’t try to avoid it either. Just release them.

To counter the effects of Mars which lingers a little too much in your Sky and puts you in tension, you will have to adopt irreproachable hygiene of life in the coming days. Take back control of your diet by adopting new, healthier, and more thoughtful habits. Eat everything in a reasonable amount, avoid industrial products that often contain too much sugar, and favor foods rich in vitamins and minerals. For this, citrus fruits, green vegetables, legumes, fish, and whole grains are your best allies.

Find out about different technologies, methods, and resources that exist related to your profession because this second month of the year that is about to begin will demand more of you and you must turn your time at work into something creative, not simply a day to earn money.

Your discipline will help you finish tasks that you have pending today. These last days you have indeed had a “seesaw” of strength. But you will see that today if you concentrate, you will accomplish everything you set out in a jiffy. Take advantage of this planetary push and ditch the heaviest obligations so you can rest later.

Money and Luck
Put your Piscean imagination to work and do not discard those ideas that are coming to you because where you least think is the opportunity you dream of to move forward with your financial affairs and achieve that independence that you are so longing to have for your finances. Pisces Luck Today

Today there could be several group activities in your neighborhood, and you will be interested in more than one of them. Thus, you may have to adjust your schedule a bit. You will likely spend a lot of time in the car or on the phone making plans and making appointments. It is also likely that you will be distracted by interesting news that you will want to comment on. Enjoy the day!

On the financial level, calm reigns. You will have to wait several weeks before finding new opportunities. Until then, focus on stability. Someone just offered you an interesting job on paper. But is it worth leaving your current position, which otherwise suits you perfectly? You are torn between the desire to maintain a stable professional life and the fear of letting the chance of your life slip away. Follow your first impulse. Your flair is infallible.

Family and Friends
Thanks to the position of Mercury and Venus, this day promises to be exceptional on a personal level. You are not immune to reconnecting with a loved one whom you have not seen for a very long time or to receive news from a member of your family whose distance weighed on you morally. If you want to bring up a touchy subject with a friend and are afraid of their reaction, take advantage of Heaven’s leniency towards you to clearly express your thoughts. You should find a reassuring ear who can advise you.

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