Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd October 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd October 2020

Neptune is in sextile with the South Node and its energy is combined with the action of Mars and Venus, both directions. Your love feelings are intense and make you see your intimate life with a very emotional tone. Watch your reactions to jealous impulses. You could cause emotional conflicts if you do not project yourself delicately and suspect everything, and everyone.

This Friday, take measures from now on so that you can take better advantage of your workday and do not have to take anything home next weekend. You must finish everything on time. If you cannot, it is a sign that either you have excess responsibilities or there is something that is not working well.pisces daily horoscope 2nd october 2020

Pisces, you will have everything to succeed today, try to take things slowly, and do not take anything personally. Today you start the day on the right foot, try to end it in the same way, you will see that it will be a day of good news. Do not get discouraged or give up despite what you hear from others, ignore the bad comments, these last few days you have not felt very well, this is due to all the bad vibes that have accumulated in you these days, Go for a walk, clear your mind and you will see that everything will go well again, change your rhythm of life and live more with the people you appreciate the most, talk with them and tell them how you feel.

You are living in great love and no one can reach you. Thanks to the planet Venus, your couple is protected from storms and other torments. You know how to take the necessary time for your spouse and he does the same with a lot of enthusiasm. Relationships like yours are rare, make the most of them. If you are single, you will have a positive encounter. Your innate charm leaves no one indifferent. Leave your shyness aside to let yourself be carried away by the beautiful story that lies ahead.

You will emerge gracefully from a difficult issue and find the right words to make up lost ground. A friend will serve as a bridge or link to get you in touch with someone you are very interested in sentimentally and with whom there was a problem in the past days. The day promises to be particularly hot on the marital level. You will be ready for a sensual revelation or a great passionate fire. In love, you are very determined to seduce your spouse or partner. Single, your occupations at the moment will not leave you much time for love. Love at first sight? Rather a loving friendship that will have its charm.

Deep in your heart, you know that you are acting in a bad way. The decisions you are making at this point in your life are not the best. For this day, the best thing you can do is walk with caution and intelligence, since any bad decision can be the cause of a disaster in your love life. Living a lot with the family will make you feel good, use that good vibe that characterizes you for good, with that you will be very well with everyone and without problems. These days are very lucky in love, you are in good luck with everything related to love matters.

Stomach upset, scratchy throat, looming headache … Healthwise, it won’t be the best day of the year. It is high time to release the miracle remedy that will perk you up a bit: thyme infusion. Infuse a tablespoon of thyme (preferably fresh) in boiling water for 10 minutes, add a little honey, and a few lemon zest. Drink your very hot magic potion and you will be back in the battle in less than two! You may be suffering from headaches from your insistence on going the wrong way. At this time your health is not in one of the best moments, you must take many precautions. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, this will be very harmful to your health. Visit your doctor, do not self-medicate.

A sporty attitude to problems will help you a lot and will be positively reversed in different sectors of your health. Under the sting of Jupiter, you will have a passionate demeanor and certain violence ready to manifest itself. You will show a lot of courage, guts, and you will be able to give way beyond what you have. But we would like you to have a little more control and a little more control over yourself if only to avoid worries and disappointments that could catch you off guard.

You must be cautious and do not exaggerate especially when discussing your successes with co-workers who are not sincere and could involve you in gossip, backbiting, or envy. Never let yourself be defeated, and that no matter what happens that day. You may indeed lack self-confidence, and this could be a brake on your progress. Know that the influx of Neptune will promote goodwill. These last days you likely feel that great desire for job stability, today the stars predict for those born under this sign the stability that you have wanted so much will come to you as long as you do things correctly and always being honest with yourself and with those around you.

Money and Luck
On the financial side, Venus will put a strain on you today. Under his influence, the carelessness that characterizes some natives will quickly turn into a lack of investment. To show too much indifference to financial matters is to hide your face and run straight into the wall. Look at your accounts regularly, analyze them, and take action if you see an opportunity to improve your situation. Of course, your lack of investment also affects your savings: stop letting your money sleep and get into something more profitable! Pisces Luck Today

This period, which will begin in a few days with October, will bring concrete results for you in economic matters. From now on you feel that inspiration that will motivate you to be more specific in your economic determinations, Pisces. With Jupiter, the ruler of luck, and Uranus, the planet of surprises, your earnings should increase, and you will be able to efficiently manage your investments and your investments. Just pay attention to one point: Uranus pushes to take risks. Even if you are well protected by Jupiter, still do not engage in operations too daredevil.

If these days you have not had a very good time economically, today you do not have much to worry about, because the stars have prepared great progress in their economy for those born under this sign. It is the perfect time to start giving yourself those little luxuries that you have wanted so much. Share with yours. You can finally give yourself a break, don’t worry. The payment of a debt they have with you may arrive, a salary increase that you have requested for a long time. Don’t worry about money right now, you will get ahead without much effort, remember that it is very important to prioritize expenses, pay debts, and give yourself luxuries when it is prudent.

Family and Friends
You give your trust quite naturally regardless of the caveats. The presence of Mercury in your environment reveals the irruption of a double being in your surroundings. To your indulgence, you do not perceive the ambiguous language of one of your relatives who blow on the embers while claiming to be a pacifist. You must be vigilant, your naivety makes you manipulable.
Do not take your case for a generality, everyone is not necessarily beautiful or nice. Mercury will make you more communicative than usual. This will earn you better contact with your family circle. Hence a climate of confidence that will result in very positive results.

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