Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 3rd May 2019

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 3rd May 2019

A stage of fleeting encounters is approaching, but very significant, especially in the case of single or single Pisces. However, do not compromise or promise anything if you do not feel willing to assume that responsibility.

If you recently went through a period of divorce or separation, it is not convenient for you to become entangled in something new that consumes you time and causes you pressure rather what is now suggested are fleeting friendship meetings, light, capable of being entertained and happy, but without reaching be obligations or commitments.pisces daily horoscope today friday 3rd may 2019

If you are far from your partner, do not hesitate any more and write that letter, send the expected notice and communicate. Sometimes involuntary distances occur due to work or other factors, but communication must be constant, not so much in quantity as in quality of time.

Follow the health plans that have worked for you so far and you will see how you achieve your goals, but do not set unattainable goals. Try to do something every day. If you want to cover too much you will not achieve anything concrete and in this astral cycle you tend to exaggerate, Pisces.

In your astral horizon there is a business trip or work outside the city associated with your current planetary cycle. In an invitation to dinner comes an offer of employment or the possibility of improving your employment status. Although it is not definitive it has probabilities of success and you must listen to it attentively, it is worth it.

Money and Luck
The money that you have been missing in the past days now you recover and soon you start a stage of singular economic recovery. You will see how well the plans that you have drawn are good for you.

By Mary Emma

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