Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 5th October 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 5th October 2018

You combine many things on this day, elements that make this Friday an unforgettable day in which both your intuition and your ease of speech are exalted and put you in control of the situations that are arising.

In the order of money, the aura of economic stability that is enveloping you now is positive and if you continue in that direction you will get results within a short time. There is a promising journey on your way. Take the reins of your love destiny in your hands and do what you must do to be happy, Pisces.

You will see that your fears vanish and you receive that call, news or message that you thought was never going to arrive and how happy you will be. This period of the full moon fits very well with your aspirations, Pisces.

You can recover quickly from the ailments and ailments experienced recently or in the near past. Your health problems begin to be history with the good planetary vibration that is now entering your horoscope from the full moon of October.

Maintain discretion at all times. Do not publicly externalize your feelings if you have been promised a job promotion. With caution, you will avoid causing discomfort in certain co-workers. In this stage you are vulnerable to comments.

Money and Luck
Learn from your past experiences and blows in the economy. Save money to deal with unforeseen eventualities that could arise if you decide to leave your present position and launch yourself in search of another activity more in tune with your personality.

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