Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Friday 9th August 2019

This Friday the transit of the Moon inspires you and will help you regain the emotional control you may have lost due to an unpleasant discussion or encounter with a troubled person.

Remember that now you have Neptune, your ruler, retrograde and in complementary aspects with other planets in your horoscope that tend to create a certain state of mental confusion in your Pisces sign. You will be doing a new job that will benefit many people and this will increase your self-confidence and your sense of self-confidence.

Some emotional inhibitions may arise that create barriers between you and your partner. You will achieve reconciliations and you can spend your weekend beautifully and with love.

If you suffer from problems associated with diabetes and you are having difficulties with your skin or wound healing it is time to check with a doctor. Perhaps it is a slight imbalance that can be treated very well in a timely manner.

Your intuition accompanied by your willingness will be the determining factor in your work. You will be surprised how well you develop a complicated task and finish it much sooner than planned. The results obtained will satisfy you.

Money and Luck
The expected money comes to you through your employment. The time you spend updating your labor issues will prove very beneficial. If you are working and you feel like staying an extra time follow those impulses and you will not err.

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