Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

We are under the effects of a planetary trigon. Your charisma is on the rise and you shine like never before, so much so that some people get upset with your successes and may even make comments that irritate you. Ignore them! For most of you, the impact of Mercury will be hardly noticeable. Still, some natives can start to go through a rather delicate period, especially with regard to their relations with their parents. There will be a lot of demands on both sides, and the communication will go rather badly.

Do not let that kind of people manipulate you and make you bitter for your weekend. The movements in your horoscope are great to help with reconciliations and sentimental arrangements with your partner or with a person you love and who you hurt without realizing recently, Pisces. Politics, social affairs will fascinate you. So, no matter what job you do for a living, arrange for a side event that allows you to work with others to change the world.

We are under the effects of a planetary trigon. You will understand the reason for the surprise action of that person whose reactions will disorient you, but then you will understand the reasons and everything will be better than before. Astral influences contrasted on the conjugal plane. On the one hand, Jupiter and Uranus can provoke unexpected disputes. But on the other hand, Venus will protect your loves with all her power. Only couples whose agreements leave much to be desired risk serious difficulties or separation. For others, this day will be marked by good and less good times. Single, under the leadership of Jupiter, you will meet unexpectedly or in a very unusual place; but you do not complain!

Starts for you a stage in which a lot of constancy of your part is required because you will face obstacles which will test your will to follow a diet or an exercise plan. Continue firmly and you will reach your goals. If you have long been overweight, do not think that your fight against the extra pounds is lost in advance. Of course, your birth sign does not incline you to greed, but to the tendency to take refuge in the food in the event of disappointments or anxieties: whenever something is wrong for you, you compensate by eating. Saturn in beautiful appearance will make you aware of this bad reflex and correct your behavior.

Trust in your resources and your work capacity and you will see how you come out very well from a problem related to an easy job that has been entrusted to you. You will do it a thousand wonders, and your prestige will increase significantly. Thanks to the good astral inflows, your field of action will widen. It is especially in the creative or artistic field that you will be able to accomplish great things, but on the condition that you apply it well. In any case, the professional success will be guaranteed.

Money and Luck
Due to certain existing planetary configurations you may find yourself involved in disputes or disagreements associated with money or business. Keep calm because if you let yourself be driven by those murky waters you would be hurt, Pisces. On the financial side, you will have to expect a lean day, because Uranus in this aspect will not only give you no luck but will also force you to make unexpected expenses.

By Mary Emma

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