Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

These are times when you could be interacting with teachers, spiritual guides, or religious figures, as well as leading your way to education and gaining knowledge in one of these areas. You will enter life with the belief that there are an infinite number of possibilities, while there is an intelligent design for life that manifests itself through predestined events.

The presence of Venus in the 7th house will bless the couple’s relationship; At this time you will be enjoying the bond, which you need to live in a balanced way and with a high level of commitment where both parties are active in giving each other. You might feel a strong urge to wander; the journeys you embark on can be physical or mental.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday...
Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

If you’ve been spending a lot of time helping others lately, now is the perfect day to recharge your batteries. You may already be practicing meditation; it is an excellent exercise to regenerate your mental forces. If you’ve never tried it, why not give it a try today? You will find the main principles of meditation on the Internet or at the local library. It is an ancestral practice accessible to all. Be zen!

We can imagine you taking a short trip to the past equipped with your favorite weapon, to fight a frank fight with these old demons who regularly come to confuse your track. Get rid of those ghosts once and for all, even if it means getting into a serious fight. Don’t be afraid to get angry!

Your need to nurture and protect will extend into your romantic relationship as well, since the sign of Cancer is in the 5th house, which will color your personality with that protective energy.

What if you tucked in your fangs a little for once? No need to take out your poisonous blowpipe and your little poisoned darts, you are not surrounded by fierce enemies but surrounded by sincere friends! You can be disarmed because you are in no danger in their company. They cherish you and they know your heightened sensitivity. Don’t worry, they’re careful not to bump into you because they love you.

At this time you could manifest hypochondriacal behavior, since the Sun is in the 6th house, an aspect that can influence compulsive and hypochondriacal behaviors. You have always had a dreamy and idealistic side, and the planetary energies should accentuate this part of you today.

You will be tempted to fantasize about the events, the people too – to the point of imagining a tryst with the boss’s wife! If you harbor these fantasies, you might do some crazy things. Beware of yourself! And try not to act too instinctively.

You will express an open and spontaneous attitude at work, which will allow you to see work situations through a giant lens, which will give you a greater perspective of needs. You will have no trouble bonding and exchanging a few nice and interesting words with virtual strangers.

And God knows that’s not your type! But today you will truly be touched by the grace of the word and there is not an opportunity you will miss to make contact, share ideas, validate your impressions. You would even be tempted to spend your day doing this! Don’t neglect your work though!

Money and Luck
Thanks to the ease with which you gain the trust of others, you will be able to project yourself by acquiring a certain popularity, which you should take advantage of to develop philanthropic causes; For this you can look for sponsorships and you could even be financing a project in this direction.

You might feel like you’ve grown wings after a beautiful and recent professional success. This is the kind of event that should be celebrated with dignity. Do not see in it simply the expression of a pride, certainly legitimate, but the surest means of symbolically and sympathetically marking a moment, a phase which will mark a milestone. The human spirit needs to mark out privileged moments in this way, you are no exception to the rule!

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