Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 22nd February 2021

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 22nd February 2021

If you are guided today by what you see or by appearances, you could only be reaching unfortunate conclusions and believing things that are not true, especially in the love aspect. Although you have suffered recent disappointments in your love life, the love present in your life now heals everything. A person in your job does not inspire confidence. Avoid it so as not to complicate yourself, but do not discuss your personal impressions with other colleagues, especially in this cycle of Mercury retrograde in your sign.

Today is a good day to think about moving house. If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to move, today you might get some good information about a house or a new apartment. Even if you decide to stay in the same place, you may consider incorporating some new energy. Maybe you should bring a dog or cat to brighten up the place.pisces daily horoscope 22nd february 2021

There is someone who is frustrated or envious and does not like your current happiness will try to come between you and your partner by creating gossip or backbiting. The best way to overcome these intrigues is to ignore her and end that bad friendship.

After a long sequence of seduction and mutual discovery, tenderness asserts itself as the engine of your couple. Learn to give and receive little touches and your partner will become your true half. Thanks to a flawless bond, your relationship is now lasting and a period of deep happiness opens for you. If you are dating online, beware that people might want to harm you. Refuse to meet strangers face to face. Go for speed dating evenings with the security of a group.

Your relationships with friends, colleagues, and family will be extremely warm and friendly. Social events are likely to give you satisfaction on a variety of levels, and matters of the heart will also be to your credit. The secret is clear, frank, and honest communication, all of which lead to better understanding and a sense of closeness. Go out and share the day with your friends. You don’t want to be overlooked!

If you can enter a yoga course or a similar practice it will be extremely beneficial because now you are in the middle of a very receptive salutary wave that will accentuate your chances of success in any discipline you practice.

Despite its deplorable reputation, Saturn can also help people born in your sign. In this case, the latter will benefit from a boost in endurance. This ability will obviously be useful for athletes, who draw from it the energy necessary to double their performance. But it can also give you an unexpected boost: at work, you can stay focused longer without taking a break and therefore go faster. You eliminate your toxins more effectively and push back the first signs of aging.

Try to control your emotions today. It may seem that your crystalline emotions get a bit muddy, but this mud can benefit you; Use it as cement to repair the cracks in your life, and when it dries it will cement a foundation on which to build strong walls and healthy character. At the moment it is soft and malleable.

You will not miss work or daily activity, but at the same time, there is an increase in responsibilities and workload that can exhaust you if you do not combine your rest time with your recreation and your duties well.

Today your main drive may be the need to complete something. Your ambition and your ability to work long overtime doing tedious work operate at a high level, so you might as well advance towards your goal by leaps and bounds. The only downside is that you can push yourself too hard. Rest if you can to keep things in perspective. Tomorrow you want to keep the same determination.

Money and Luck
Periods of economic growth are approaching in your life and you will be receiving many offers, proposals, and invitations that can increase your financial resources, but do not waste the money obtained, invest it wisely. Pisces Luck Today

The announced visit of a loved one makes you have to work extra to get your house in condition. For this reason, you may be tempted by the idea of going out like crazy to buy ornaments. This is fine up to a point but beware! Some items that look very cute in the business may be out of tune in your home. Your visitor is interested in seeing you. Decorate in moderation and enjoy doing so.

Saturn puts a lot of pressure on your professional environment. This important planet embodies the presence of a sage or perhaps a mentor. Thanks to this person, an event should arise in our work: job opportunity, signing of a new contract, job consolidation, important promotion. But beware, Saturn is generous, but sometimes she regains her support. Some natives of the third decan experience its dark side which results in a certain frustration and a break in the development of their career.

Family and Friends
For natives of the first decan, you will have to make sure to show determination to face an altercation that could arise with a member of your family. Indeed, the arrival of Mars in the 4th house can have consequences on the perception that others have of you and lead to misunderstandings that you will have to dispel as quickly as possible. Do not be sensitive to the criticisms that could be leveled against you and prefer to have a frank explanation to put an end to this situation.

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