Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 29th July 2019

Your sentimental relationship passes peacefully on this day in which the Moon travels by your sign. However, if you are alone, and looking for a company, it is not the time to embark on new adventures but rather to share your time with friends, colleagues or maybe with a good book.

Live today, put your Pisces empathy to work. Do not do something out of the ordinary but rather take advantage of Monday to meet with yours, enjoy the value of friendship and healthy camaraderie. If you recently met a special person, don’t waste time, act today.

The influence you receive from this lunar transit makes you restless and anxious. Control and channel those impulses so as not to unnecessarily complicate life with regrets or complaints of situations that you cannot change.

You wake up enjoying an excellent mood and this will be reflected in a positive way in your health during this day. As your mind becomes clearer and awakens your body will react in an equivalent manner.

You can hear some discouraging news about your job, but before being discouraged, find out where they come from. Perhaps they are just rumors rolled by dissatisfied workers or people who are scorned, unfounded. Don’t listen to them and be objective.

Money and Luck
The delays, even if they initially bother you, are positive. A promised trip may take a few days. It suits you because you will have more time to take advantage of it by placing an order in certain economic matters and making small lucrative buying and selling investments.


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