Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 2nd November 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 2nd November 2020

The cosmic movement of this Monday –sextile with the Moon- has two aspects. One is very positive because it includes Pisceans who are initiating or strengthening an existing sentimental relationship, the other has another aspect since your ruler Neptune is retrograde. Perhaps you are in the midst of some kind of disappointment or disappointment that could make you sad. You discover that you have exaggerated and you will remake your love relationship. You will live again as you like. The important thing these days is that you are preparing for a stage that will transform everything and what happens now will mark the rest of the weeks of November and December until the moment 2021 begins.

Your life has been changing for some time now, and it hasn’t always been easy for you. Today you probably feel the effects of this transformation more than normal, and you will wonder what the hell is happening to you. Don’t let the doubts and insecurities you have about your future get out of proportion. You can only take things one at a time. Focus on the desired goal, and move on.pisces daily horoscope 2nd november 2020

This lunar movement is ideal for organizing and exploring real feelings. Are you far from someone you love? The returns are approaching and when this happens you will overcome your fears of the past and you will enter a new creative stage in your love life, together with who you really love, a Pisces.

You have an amazing ability to see beyond the status quo. Even those situations that are working well for others benefit from your extraordinary ability to improve things. But sometimes blessings can also be curses, as it is difficult for you to sit still and let things be. Today is no exception. Your friends and family are used to the way you are, but be careful not to overwhelm them with your enthusiasm.

Listen carefully to your inner voice because your body alerts you to your health problems, either through a general malaise, a fever, or pain. Take care of these signs and take precautions to avoid further complications.

You love your freedom. You are a very independent person and you don’t like that something gets in your way. That is fine, but you should pay attention to your financial situation, even if that is not exactly “yours.” You tend to be upset at having to deal with these material issues, but if you don’t, you run the risk of having to restrict the freedom to live your life to the fullest. Be reasonable.

An unforeseen situation arises in your work that you will solve lucidly and promptly. The essential thing is not to get carried away by impulses or bad advice but to put your peculiar intelligence to work. Your way of acting will satisfy all expectations.

Today you will feel like resting in your armchair and watching a ball game. You will feel somewhat lazy or tired. The problem is, many tasks are waiting for you! Try to motivate yourself to do any of them. Vacuum to make everything shiny and wash the dishes. Organize your papers a bit. A little less clutter will create a balance in your home.

Money and Luck
Some think that they can wrap you with nice words so that you give them your money. If you are offered a business today, do not invest everything or get carried away by false optimism. Consider the offers well and act appropriately. Pisces Luck Today

Think of yourself as a marathon runner. You have a long distance to go, but it will not only be pleasant to cross the finish line but the excitement of what there is to see along the way. While your head is full of plans and ideas, you will begin to deflate when you consider all the logistics of understanding that this implies. Don’t worry, my dear. The planets have blessed you with task-like energy, so go ahead and get ready!

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