Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

With the irruption of the Moon in Aquarius approaching your sign in a couple of days you feel internally stimulated to throw yourself into adventures that until now were only in your imagination. Life smiles and you must take advantage of it to crystallize your dreams, Pisces.

Do not stop thinking about who you have not seen for a long time and to your surprise you find it again or it crosses you, either physically or through the Internet or in a totally surprising and pleasant way. Coincidences sometimes occur in real life more often than you can suppose.pisces daily horoscope today monday 6th may 2019

There are two important things on this day for you. Singles are on the way to finding an excellent romantic couple, perhaps where they least think. Those who have their relationship, can strengthen it with a touch of passion.

Your health conditions are receiving a good planetary effluvium, but if you suffer from disorders associated with circulation or suffer from varicose veins you should rest and not surplus in the physical efforts you make these days.

New ideas arise that you can apply successfully in this working weekend and the one that starts from Monday. Do not throw them away even if they seem a bit crazy because their success lies precisely in their originality and the touch of creativity and intuition set by you.

Money and Luck Today
Luck favors you and something you’ve been wanting for a long time you get it if you put your willpower to work. If you expect to receive some money from a court ruling or a legal matter you are on track.

By Mary Emma

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