Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th November 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Monday 9th November 2020

There are two wonderful trills of your ruler Neptune, one with the Sun and the other with Mercury, and as a result, you are in a very sharp tone and awake throughout this weekend that is starting today Monday. Do not force situations that you must treat with tact or rush in what you do. Now that the Moon has finished passing through your sign and is in Aries, you should think more with your head because if you continue to think only with your heart you could make mistakes. They are pointing out signs that will lead to inevitable change and transformation. Due to the characteristics of your sign, you should take everything very calmly so as not to fall into mistakes that make you spend your savings on impractical investments.

Sometimes you don’t trust your intuitions. You don’t always keep in mind that you have psychic abilities, therefore when you have a moment of intuition, you tend to think that it is just indigestion! Today try to identify psychic impulses as they appear. You may find some useful information on your way. You will perceive someone’s true motivations, feeling it viscerally. Or you will receive psychic bursts of some changes in your professional environment.pisces daily horoscope 9th november 2020

Neptune, your ruler, is retrograde. Do not let yourself be manipulated by a person who only looks for you when he wants to have a romance with you, but who does not experience loving feelings towards you. It is time to put things in their place, the cards on the table, and speak clearly.

Today, you may feel like dressing up in your best clothes and transmitting a glamorous image. Your colleagues will be impressed, so don’t be afraid to exploit that attractive side of your personality. You will feel like leaving them somewhat in awe of your quirky humor and bold opinions. It’s okay to shake them up a bit – enjoy!

What an outburst of love! Saturn doesn’t do things by halves in this area today. In the program? A crazy bond with your partner, naughty games galore and a dynamic regained as on the first day … This is what is called being in seventh heaven! For singles who are impatient not to find the right fit for them, don’t lose hope: the day promises to be rich in meetings and one of them could be the right one!

Your Pisces sign is characterized by good health and in a short time, you will feel fully recovered if you are coming out of a kidney problem or convalescing from a disease or similar condition.

Not all friendships are the same. You may have learned that the hard way. But it’s okay. Today, you may feel like sorting out your friendships and broadening your perspectives on things. It’s time to be clear about which of your friends are there when you need them, which ones show you that they really care and which ones aren’t. Each type of friendship can be useful to you in its own way. Don’t be afraid to admit this.

Do not impose constraints on yourself today. You will need a moment all to yourself to regain your strength to face the days ahead with vigor. If you have the chance, push back on dates and commitments you had planned to push them back to a time when you’ll be fitter. Trust that it is essential to avoid excessive overwork under penalty of seeing your body sound the alarm signal, so know how to listen to yourself and rest when you need to.

You will hear words of encouragement and encouragement in the place where you are working and you feel safe and stable in your job. It is possible that as soon as your ruler Neptune ends his retrograde transit in a few weeks you will begin to earn more in other ways. Wait, you will see promising results.

You will feel somewhat alienated. The energy of the day will deconcentrate you. You will discover too many thoughts running through your head! Try to make a list of tasks that you need to complete. Post reminders on your desk or leave a voicemail as a memory aid. Keep a calendar with you to remind yourself to attend important meetings.

Money and Luck
There are very good prospects associated with an economic issue that in recent days was somewhat confusing. A very prosperous stage is approaching and the only thing you need to get your economy forward is to put your will to work on a certain task that you will begin to carry out soon. Pisces Luck Today

By nature, you tend to be a warm and caring person, but today you probably have more opportunities than usual to show it. Relationships with close friends, children, and lovers are likely to be very satisfying. It is also possible that your creativity is more awake, especially about plants, cooking, and other arts that require affection. Have fun!

Mercury is influencing at this time particularly the natives of the 3rd decan. The people affected by this radiation turn out to be intellectuals and scientists. The star increases your capacities for analysis, reflection, and thought. Negotiators will get a little boost as well. If you work in medicine, law, or finance, or even if you are a writer, let your curiosity lead you to new and enriching encounters on all levels.

Family and Friends
You may have the opportunity to get to know someone you know better. Even if you hadn’t planned to get closer to this person at first, a little moment of complicity might surprise you pleasantly. So keep an open mind when faced with an unexpected invitation or attempted connection from someone in your circle of acquaintances. It would be a shame to miss out on a nice meeting with a closed mind.

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