Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 16th July 2022

The Moon in the 8th house will make you experience very intense emotions, you will be very receptive and intuitive, which will allow you to understand people’s moods without them expressing their particular situations. Take advantage of these capacities to support them in a constructive way.

Thanks to the energy of Neptune influencing your personality, you will be very empathic and you will express your sensitivity in a concrete way, through charitable causes for those who have less. Right now you can be enjoying a stable couple and a mature love bond, built from respectful and loyal treatment, where a conscience is established. It is important that with the Vertex in the 3rd house you take care of your need to lie, since the Vertex in this position can express a taste for lying, as well as airs of grandeur.

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You will feel clearly inhabited and carried by a great physical form. Take advantage of these encouraging provisions to really start a healthy and toned diet. A balanced diet and regular physical exercises will strengthen this beautiful form. So be brave, don’t wait until you feel like “a potato” to want to jump rope!

You feel like you’re living in a beehive, and you’re the queen bee everyone turns to for advice. The people around you literally adore you; what a pleasure ! If the ambient hubbub exhausts more than one, it stimulates you and makes you even more powerful. And despite these incessant comings and goings in your office or living room, you feel in top form. Carry on!

You will feel the need to take care of your loved ones and please them. Be careful not to overdo it, as your concern may be misinterpreted. The arrival of Pluto in the second house will have a particular influence on the natives of the third decan who will have to show restraint so as not to be overwhelmed by their feelings. The day can bring good news if you manage to curb your energy and listen to the grievances of your family members.

In romance you will be very emotional and even somewhat fluctuating, it is important that you dose your emotions so that you do not overflow them before the other, who might not understand your states and take his distance. You define new strategies on the relational level. You are finally freed from certain social constraints, and you now feel better able to maintain harmonious relationships with a new person or a group of friends… Give free rein to your desire for conviviality and let yourself live without ideas preconceived.

Jupiter distils its influence on several levels. For couples, her optimism could lead you to a marriage proposal. But, it is advisable to wonder if such a proposal does not result from a respect for conventions than from a true love. You will take great pleasure in contact with others, so that your good humor will turn into an asset of seduction. An effort of kindness and kindness on your part could well open the doors to a lasting and stable relationship.

Your health is benefited by the presence of the planet Venus in the 6th house, and if any condition arises, it will be alleviated, since Venus in this position offers you protection. Your nerves are on edge, and it is likely that the slightest hiccup will turn into tragedy.

It seems that you have stored piles of data that you keep secret… Your brain works like a computer: it records information about everything and everyone, waiting for the right moment to bring it out… And when you decide to talk, it’s always appropriate. So no need to get upset today, it’s because the time hasn’t come to talk.

You benefit from the support of Mars, a planet symbolizing strength and resistance. The latter has a strong influence on your health and gives you everything you need: iron vitality, remarkable resilience and unfailing energy. Mars also being the planet of combat and ambition, it would be appropriate to take advantage of its presence to reverse the dominant/dominated balance of power that could exist with certain people around you. Take a few risks and unleash the leadership soul within you!

Good treatment and relationships in a balanced sense will be the order of the day in your work environment, as long as you can exercise control to manifest such energies. If they do not exist, you will make an effort to create them because you need a work environment built from diplomatic forms.

Sometimes you are stubborn in the way you act. In your private life, you have adopted certain habits which have become compulsive. At work, your pace adheres to a specific routine. And when your routine changes, you can become very grumpy! Today you will have to not dwell on small troubles. Don’t let peccadilloes become great dramas! Round off the angles, and think positive!

Money and Luck
A great vitality and self-confidence will lead you in the financial area. You know that providence is on your side, nothing is capable of stopping your projects if you have developed the capacity for discipline. You have time to become wise! You are applying too young for this kind of position! Today’s astral configuration takes you by the hand to bring you back into experience, into the heat of the moment, into life and its intensity. Yes, Pisces are very afraid of that… But without that, they stay in their corner. But we need you. Do not stay at home !

In the morning, protect yourself against the bad vibes and rumors that will reign at work today. It must not reach you at the risk of lowering the motivation that you cultivate successfully. Accomplish your tasks and gratify yourself from time to time. If you have financial investments, they will bring you a lot of money today. You can offer lots of gifts to those around you at the next family meal. Take the opportunity to have fun too. Shopping always lifts your spirits.

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