Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 1st December 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 1st December 2018

The planet Mercury begins Saturday an important planetary transit that indirectly influences your Piscean horoscope because it occurs in a sign of fire, that is, of your same element. Your usual horizon of love compatibilities broadens.

You find people who until now were indifferent to you and who begin to move your sentimental interest. You are entering a phase of your life in which you understand other people’s motivations better and at the same time you become more tolerant, learning to forgive all those who once caused you harm in one way or another.pisces daily horoscope today saturday 1st december 2018

Avoid inertia, Pisces! There is no worse adventure than the one that was not lived. He has just said yes to that person that interests you sentimentally and you will leave doubts, there is nothing worse than the hesitations in love.

If your chronic problems have not been solved until now, there is good cosmic news for you because from this moment, with the good planetary influence existing, there will be the ailments and ailments of the past.

Your responsibility and talent are paying off and your superiors have their eyes on you. Get ready, Pisces, because in a few days you will be receiving a long-awaited news in your workplace.

Money and Luck
A change is imposed, a different way of looking at life. There is an offer of employment or a sudden trip that can help you financially. If they invite you to a game of chance, or they offer you a raffle, it is very likely to earn money.

By Mary Emma

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