Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 26th October 2019

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 26th October 2019

In a few days, you will be in the middle of new situations and circumstances that will greatly stimulate you. A stimulating cycle is coming in your financial sector associated with short trips, purchases, and sales abroad as well as the possibility of a stroke of luck in a raffle or contest that will give you money, Pisces.

Your dreams are lucid, your intuitions clear. Do what you plan to do and you will see how in less time than you think you get what you want. Love is around you, don’t turn your back.pisces daily horoscope 26th october 2019

If you combine the passionate energy of your own nature with the intuitions you receive due to the lunar transit of Saturday, you can re-conquer that much-desired love and strengthen a relationship that seemed somewhat confusing. Fear not, your insistence will bear fruit, Pisces.

Express yourself! Although the feelings you feel are sincere, you will have a hard time outsourcing them. Your partner would like a little more heat in your reports. But despite your reluctant behavior, the deal will be good. If you are single, you will probably be spending heavily on conquests that, alas, will prove uninteresting. Think again before paying fees that may not give you any satisfaction: “The money spent in love does not return to the stock market”

Take more care of what you eat, do not do it “to get out of the way” or in a run over. When you go to the market, take home fruits and other nutrients that are nutritious and so, when you want to eat and open your fridge you will have good options in front of you.

In this weekend you will know what to do. If you planned to start a new job on your own or an extra job you are well sponsored and what you start will give you good results. Go ahead, do not stop, you will succeed because a cheerful and determined tone surrounds you.

On the work side, the global environment will help you learn how to seize interesting opportunities and skillfully put you ahead, without giving the impression of overshadowing anyone. However, it will be harder for you to dominate impulsive voting, and your power of concentration will diminish.

Money and Luck
In this planetary cycle the main aspects of your personality are well strengthened. Although there is no money in abundance, there will be no shortage and soon there will be definitive solutions because your sign always knows how to attract prosperity at all times. Pisces Luck Today

The feeble influences of Uranus frequently produce scandals, bankruptcies leading to disgrace or ruin. A warning to the natives who want to live beyond their means!

Those of you who have recently had family problems or home-related problems will see things get better. That said, Saturn’s disharmonic appearance will require you to provide some effort to control your nervousness.

Social life
Day favorable to various approaches, including those concerning the various administrations. Take the opportunity to make peace with the IRS. The signing of contracts will also be favored by the stars.

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