Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th April 2019

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th April 2019

With the Moon in the air element and your ruler, Neptune, direct, the energy that expands in your horoscope contributes to you feeling with a touch of enthusiasm that spreads. This is formidable because the problems that were between the two begin to dissolve. Prepare physically and mentally for everything and so any unexpected situation that may arise will not affect your health.

Everything is possible in life, the important thing is our reaction to the facts. The economic dynamic that now surrounds you is very intense and you can earn more money if you study something new and make other investments.pisces daily horoscope today Saturday 27th april 2019

Remember that your smile, and your word, are your trump cards. Today use them to the fullest. You can recover a lost love and live a beautiful romance.

The planetary effluvia of Venus and Mars are auspicious for the healing processes associated with the mouth, visits to the dentist, operations and treatments in that part of the body. Your skin is also receiving a good planetary influence today.

You will advance notably in your work thanks to this new attitude and disposition that allows you to make the most of the present circumstances. Wait a little and you will see positive changes around you, life smiles at you.

Money and Luck
It can not be said that this is a bad time, but it is also not the best time to reach agreements on money matters. If they propose something to you, do not accept it immediately but ask for time to study it from different angles.

By Mary Emma

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