Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th July 2022

You can receive insights through meditation, dreams, or even while you are awake. Follow your intuition, especially for decisions that are made in the moment. With the Moon sextile Uranus you will quickly learn to make the most of your strong intuition and you may even have intuitive abilities. Any of these gifts are likely to be inherited through your mother’s side of the family, but also through your paternal grandmother.

North Node in Gemini brings the conflict between the search for objectivity and communication, on the one hand, and the attachment to a highly subjective understanding, opinions and firmly anchored orders on the other. It is up to you to choose the energy that makes you feel good, because staying in this world is about being happy.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

The Moon conjunct the Sun is an excellent aspect to correct mistakes in your life, intimate relationships come into sharp focus today. This is a good time to start a new relationship or to energize an existing one, the reasons for any recent tension in the relationships will be evident and you will have the opportunity to correct or end any relationship situation that is hurting you.

Sun in opposition to Plato is an aspect that often creates stubborn and decisive people. However, they also tend to tell others what to do and try to convince them of the need to change their behavior in your favor. So with this aspect it can make you a great manipulator.

Your efficiency is at the rendezvous but measure your efforts before you start, you think big but your body requires some care, especially at the muscle and joint level. Today, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your diplomatic skills and open yourself up to new dialogues. In addition, from a pragmatic point of view you will be particularly effective. You will leave no detail to chance.

During your rest periods, you give an important place to idleness and you are quite right! It is in peace that you bet on relaxing leisure. You use your imagination to embellish your evenings and those of those around you. You will be on the front line to suffer the consequences of the bad aspect of Mars.

No need to kid yourself: you are not going to rest on your laurels. It is above all your life together that will be able to rock. Some natives will no longer support the conjugal condition, others will experience a great love at first sight that will upset their lives from top to bottom! Single, your power of seduction will be at its peak, and you will make many conquests. But you will run away from overly intrusive partners. You will hear well stay free!

You will feel prisoner of family constraints, and this may upset you a little. Know, however, that you have the qualities necessary to organize your life in such a way as to make these constraints less burdensome. Above all, think about delegating power and being wary of perfectionism.

Increased personal charm and beauty bring social popularity and success if you date someone. Venus sextile the Moon increases your openness and honesty in sharing your feelings, this aspect supports true friendship and genuine love. All kinds of relationships, but especially love relationships, can flourish under this transit. New friends may be made or a significant new romance may begin, especially after a lunar phase.

To install or maintain a good emotional life, maintain the dialogue and do not hesitate to take the first step. The day confronts you with the need to stabilize your relationship, enrich it and give it the chance to approach the future in style. As a couple: It’s a beautiful day where the general climate is in your colors: exchanges, meetings, agreements and compromises are on the program! Harmony is at the rendezvous and you savor this sociable, elegant, refined atmosphere. Single: The moon puts the atmosphere in your loves! On the program: light energies, seductive and full of joy, happy moments, beautiful encounters and pleasures. Now is the time to gain momentum and start making changes.

Due to the passage of Lilith in Taurus, it is recommended to be careful with injuries to the neck and trachea, and operations on the throat, nose and ears. It is worth avoiding situations that could put these aspects of your body at risk.

With the culmination of Venus, the Water element will be featured this time. Everything related to water will therefore benefit you more than ever. If you suffer from any ailment, think first of thalassotherapy, which could work miracles for you. Whether you are healthy or in pain right now, drink plenty of water between meals, but very little at the table.

Your lack of pretense and good will make this the ideal time to meet important people at work. With the Sun conjunct the Moon you should be less shy or anxious about speaking in public and you can take the lead in meetings and group activities. Your ideas are clear and your security evident. You receive news and have various conversations. A good atmosphere reigns in your workplace and you get along well with your collaborators, which makes you more efficient.

The Moon in this aspect will support you by encouraging you to maintain your effort, to work hard, to shake your laziness or your nonchalance. On the other hand, Saturn will protect you against the financial jerks or those imprudences which you are accustomed to in periods when morale is not so high.

Money and Luck
With Lilith in Taurus you know how to deal with money and material things. You are able to perceive and enjoy beauty. However, you like to own many things, which can lead to greed and obsession with collecting items, or, conversely, to the rejection of material values and the decision to live in poverty. Negotiations today are taking unusual turns… You will learn a lot about it for your projects!

Despite your mistrust, you are recommended to be more open to everything that is new for your finances. So there is no need to doubt! Your financial situation will deserve your full attention. If you’re not careful, you may be in money trouble soon. So, do not commit any imprudence, or the influx of Pluto will sink you.

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