Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 19th June 2022

The solar eclipse in Gemini last June 10 impacted your 4th house, and the key word in which changes will manifest is “home”, your position, role, or way of relating in the family will be modified, experiences of destiny will make you reformulate these ways of being in your home. You will recognize yourself as another in your family. You will discover that laughter is healing and good humor will stimulate your being in the world, you will be able to explore deeper ways of connecting with your loved ones.

The energy of Virgo in the 7th house makes you generally very ambiguous, this can irritate your partner, try to be clearer, more practical and precise for the proper functioning of the relationship. It is essential for you that you always cultivate emotions, pamper yourself in this aspect, it can be through music, painting, dance, any fine art of your choice, with which you are always reliving your spiritual part.

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It’s time to iron out a disagreement but you’re too nervous to find the right words and not make waves. You would need to take a step back, pause, and refocus before taking matters into your own hands. Only attack as a last resort, to defend yourself. It would be risky to venture down unknown paths without first having your back covered. The sky offers you a way out and you finally breathe a wind of freedom.

Mars in Leo in the 5th house makes you feel predisposed to the Game and romance, you generally feel a great impulse to bond with the other quickly and directly, and many times this can be in advance, that is why it is difficult for you to maintain ties in the time. It is important that you learn to let things happen at their own pace.

Lunatic reactions are not conducive to balanced relationships. Your loved ones may get bored and you would be the first person upset. Fight as much as possible against the influence of the moon, it causes some irritation. Diplomacy is in order, abuse it. As a couple: An instantaneous but actually long-considered decision could be on the agenda. Your partner listens to your desires and follows the line you draw, he can blame you for not having spoken to him about it before.

You will have to convince but you have the right arguments. Bring out the big game, the Moon is complicit. Single: Beware of gossip, the moon is a bit gossipy and brings you back things that have not necessarily been said. Get a personal idea by simply talking with the person(s) concerned. This will clarify the situation as well as possible, you will avoid toxic thoughts. Imagine a world where everything is perfect and ask yourself, would you like it? The moon draws plans on the comet and imposes its utopia on you. Accept the faults of others and your own too! It’s not that hard and the world still turns.

You are active and overflowing with ingenuity, the moon today gives you a potential for reflection and action that exceeds that of ordinary mortals. You will draw faster than your shadow and the people around you will barely have time to react. You find the world lacking in stability and seriousness, you hold yourself rather in the background, far from the hustle and bustle and you are wary of too easy tasks, short-term undertakings, impulses and subjectivity.

But you hold the bar of your life. Your personality pushes you towards a certain art of living and you like to take the time to eat well or acquire beautiful things. You have a great certainty of taste and, when you share your passions with those around you, it’s a delight.

The sign of Leo in the house of health can lead to general exhaustion, especially if you have been leading a very sedentary life. The energy must flow in a balanced way in your body, it is important that you stay active, you can try swimming, walking or jogging. An unfortunate tendency to criticize that some will qualify as acerbic could play terrible tricks on you. Take a more accurate view of things, you will then have the feeling of being better understood.

In recent times you have focused on reaching the top, obtaining the leadership you deserve. If there are subordinates in your position, you should not behave in a tyrannical and arrogant manner, on the contrary, it is important that you contribute to the learning of others, that you share your skills with them. If you try to force through, you can succeed. But you can also stumble on your interlocutors by pushing them to their limits. Prefer negotiation to advance your pawns on the chessboard, not to squeeze the others like lemons!

Your pioneering and dynamic character in life makes it easy for you to generate money, for you it is essential not to depend on others due to your great individuality and the security and faith that you have in yourself, but you must work hard in the realization of your projects so that benefits can be generated. Make yourself clearly understood by those around you, you risk misunderstandings on material issues. Make sure to moderate your mood swings, watch out for blunders with your interlocutors, especially if you have to negotiate.

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