Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st August 2019

You will see how many fears dissipate and that absent person returns to your side. Take more time to solve your domestic issues before embarking on a job that keeps you away from your home during the nights.

Strange situations are clarified that had disturbed you thinking that your love life was in danger, Pisces. What you have dreamed about is to become a reality, but you must do your part at all times and not let yourself be suggested or intimidated by apprehensive people.

It is your day of reconciliation, effective remembrance and loving enjoyment. Live it with intensity and you will not regret it. Love smiles at you and the energy that comes from the lunar transit in a fire sign accentuates your natural charms and attracts passion to you.

This vital aspect is well sponsored by the influence of the Moon. Your care pays off and if you maintain this rhythm that you have imposed you will manage to maintain your health, your ideal weight, and your figure. Enjoy everything, but in moderation and you will enjoy good digestion.

A hunch of a co-worker will prove highly useful during the rest of this work week when you can apply your experience and knowledge to a very complex task. Your sense of collaboration will be essential to achieve success.

Money and Luck
We are starting a new month in which there will be many new developments within your economic field. They will increase your income and from today you will begin to see signs of very significant improvements. The most positive thing happens at the legal level, upon receiving a response from money in the dispute or a document that was lost.


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