Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 1st November 2018

Ignore those little details that bother you about your partner and focus your attention on the positive features of your personality. Evaluate what you have, your happiness depends more on your attitude than the circumstances that surround you. Today your communication skills will be strong. You have always been good with words, but today you will be a star! You will discover that the right words are always there when you need them, and that they flow easily from your mouth. Whether you try to make a sale or impress someone who interests you romantically, today you will advance a lot.

Also if you think about doing a new project or a business trip you should be very cautious because now some plans are delayed and you should keep that in mind before launching yourself to a new project.

A somewhat distant attitude on your part can jeopardize your love relationship. If you do not show interest in your partner you could spoil what you have gained emotionally and start creating problems that only exist in your imagination and fantasy. Today, you could face situations that require some tact. The energy of the day will make it easy to be impulsive, doing or saying things that are imaginative but perhaps not intelligent. Try to concentrate on the essentials. However, at home you will have more room to display your game. You could share a nice night with your partner if both want to free themselves from bondage and try something different.

There is nothing that can affect you more than your own thoughts and if you start to think that you are affected in your health or have incurable disorders you will end up with symptoms which have no relation with any disease. Today you will give a lecture or presentation. You will be the center of attention at some point. Maybe you will guide your employees. Or you will present your ideas to a special client. You tend to feel shy to express yourself in public, but now try not to get too nervous. The energy of the day will help you find more peace of mind to communicate.

Do not lose yourself in your efforts and keep your promises although you should stay longer in your workplace. Your bosses and superiors will be very attentive to what you do. If you gave your word to do something you should fulfill it in its entirety and in that way you will solidify your reputation. Things are not very clear in your head. You feel aimless, like a ship drifting. Despite being a simple example, summarize your situation very well. But everything has a solution. Try to look at the direction of the wind and configure your candles in such a way to take advantage of it. You always try to do things the hard way. The time has come to look for the simplicity of things.

Money and Luck
There are people in your environment who try to impress you with their proposals. Do not let yourself be seduced by an expense competition or allow the vanity to cloud your eyes because you could be tempted to want to buy things that later you could not pay and you would be indebted unnecessarily. Professional matters are in the forefront today. Suddenly there will be opportunities for promotion over which you had not noticed. You will have to make immediate decisions and launch yourself in pursuit of your objective without delay. Do not be surprised, if someone you barely remember is of great help today. The presence of people close to you in today’s events will be very important.

By Mary Emma

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