Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th August 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 20th August 2020

The astral panorama in your Pisces sign this Thursday is very varied since there are sextiles (with Saturn and Pluto), square, with Jupiter and conjunction with Lilith. The astral positions augur a day in which you can finish what you had started and you feel with the optimal level of energy to carry out your plans.

Excellent if you have planned to spend this day away from home because travel and matters related to distraction and recreation are very well sponsored and will cause you joy. With the Moon in the fire element, once the transit through your sign is completed, you have the green light to reaffirm your feelings to that person who inspires you so much, because now everything is possible, Pisces.pisces daily horoscope 20th august 2020

Pisces, today in your sign there will be a great need for a radical change in any decision you have made that at the time seemed to be a good idea, you may feel a bit insecure, it will be good for you to be close to more stable people. Consult with someone your decisions if you wish, it is evident that you have something inside that is motivating you to realize those dreams that you had a long time ago, the same ones that long ago you had not even decided to try. Everything is possible and you can achieve what you want but you will need a little help.

Pisces Love Today 20th August 2020

This lunar transit revolutionizes you- Avoid fighting or arguing over unimportant arguments. Your love life requires a dose of patience so that it can flourish and even if they have done something to you that you do not like, remember the times that you may have failed.

You must start to be honest with your partner about something that you know well that you are hiding from him, no matter how bad it is, your partner will understand it and you will get ahead together. You are to blame for the circumstances that are like this. Explain and accept it, only then can you go on with your life. Without a doubt this will be one of the many good days that you will have, love will be on the surface and you should make the most of it. You should try to make things more favorable to yourself and remember to ignore everything that could harm your love day.

Don’t stick to your archaic positions. You can cross the path of love anywhere! Perfectly, even at the supermarket checkout. You just have to wait for the right moment to approach the person. All the pretexts remain valid, even if it means asking for his help to catch the pack of milk. As a good Samaritan, he will not be able to refuse to render you this service. In return, for your first breakfast together, consider buying croissants to accompany the milk drink.

Pisces Health Today 20th August 2020

There is a square between your ruler Neptune and the planet Jupiter. A state of anxiety and restlessness can make you somewhat nervous and cause insomnia or character disorders. Try to spend time in a creative activity or going to a gym, or at least walking, exercising.

Your health at the moment is at the maximum point of satisfaction, you have excellent health. Don’t worry, it’s a good time to decide to go swimming, practice a sport. Get moving to avoid wasting your health on sleeping. It is a good day to go out and do new things. Remember to drink lots of water.

Good health in general. Slight anxieties can invade you today. You have to put things into perspective and find comfort with your loved ones. Cultivate your gratitude and stay positive under all circumstances. Enjoy one or two squares of dark chocolate. It contains excellent anti-oxidants, helps reduce stress but also contains many calories. It is therefore to be consumed in moderation.

Pisces Work Today 20th August 2020

A local trip associated with your work also has certain romantic tones, so if you are invited to do that activity accompanied by someone who interests or attracts you, and you are not engaged at the moment, you know!

As much as your work does not make you happy or as happy as you would like you should not put it aside, much less leave your obligations lying around. If there is something that characterizes your zodiac sign it is your passion for work, if your current job does not make you feel that then it is the wrong job.

Pisces Money and Luck Today 20th August 2020

The purchase and sale of properties are favored, however, there is a gift that can come to you with conditions, so be very careful with that offer that at this stage with Neptune your ruler, retrograde and square with Jupiter could have something hidden behind. Pisces Luck Today

Obviously, at the moment, you are not up to the task in the financial field, you must always put reality first since it is not the right time to fulfill those fantasies that you have had so much. The faster you manage to prioritize the things you need, the more stable your economy will become in no time. Your financial income so far is maintained, so you don’t have to worry about money too much. Your businesses are beginning to bear fruit and you get paid a little for how much you have invested. Try to order your purchases for the week and you will see that you will spend less, take this advice into account.

Difficult to juggle between the children’s birthday budget and all the home renovation quotes, your financial situation is not in good shape. Why not make some money by selling some stuff? Come on, come on, be reasonable, this frilled shirt has been out of fashion for centuries! You will see: we quickly develop a taste for offering a part of ourselves to others. Like the butterfly, this rebirth challenge will become the most beautiful of rewards.

Pisces Family and Friends Today 20th August 2020

On this day placed under the positive influence of Uranus, you will be keen to please your loved ones and your family. A little surprise placed at the foot of the bed for your spouse, sweet words whispered in the ears of your children, a compliment slipped during a phone call with a parent… It’s the little touches that count and you master this art perfectly! But don’t you feel like you’re forgetting someone? Yes, you! After you’ve satisfied your whole tribe, it’s time to think about yourself and pamper yourself a little.

For most of you, this day will be calm on the family front. A few rare natives, however, may be affected by the impact of Pluto. For these, a problem concerning a child may arise; you may have to decide it.

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