Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 22nd April 2021

Check Pisces daily horoscope for Thursday, April 22nd, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. When you contemplate the positions and aspects that the planets occupy about your sign this Thursday, there are reasons to rejoice Pisces since you are receiving highly positive astral influences. From this stage, there is harmony in all those aspects of your life in which dilemmas and confusion arose. Put away negative and defeatist thoughts and fill yourself with positive force because what is coming now is higher than what you expected. Do not forget that we are becoming what we think and if your thoughts are clean, healthy, and constructive, what awaits you will be the result of them, no depressing ideas!

Surely there was at least one time in your life when you felt like the ugly duckling. This may have had to do with your body weight. Whether this feeling of insecurity was self-imposed or not, it is time to rid yourself of such thoughts and feelings. Today is a day to love yourself – every part of your being. Be proud of your body – inside and out.pisces daily horoscope for today thursday april 22nd 2021

Many times you worry for no reason about certain unimportant things. However, you give it all and you even have anxiety about it. Well, that is throwing energy into a bottomless pit and nothing is good for you. Be aware that everything is going well, maybe a little slow but positive. You are facing a great stage, you do not have to sink into negative thoughts. It may still take a few weeks to arrive but it is there waiting for you. Today try to enjoy your achievements, big and small and have a little patience. Do not want more than what you have, which is enough, and thank the Universe daily for all that it has granted you. In the sentimental field, your partner will be infinitely happy that you.

The most significant thing that is happening now is your personal projection towards someone who was once very important in your life but inexplicably walked away. A return is predicted. The planetary movements of your ruler Neptune are shaking your inner being.

You will play a leading role, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, in an event today. You will feel at times like the pivot, on whose decision and plays the game depends. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and searches for the answer in his heart. Don’t turn to others because they might have your own agendas and biases about what you should do. Only you know what is good for you.

If you had an argument with your spouse and you thought you would take advantage of the day to pick up the pieces, your plans may be called into question by the proximity of Pluto in your sky. You will be subject to its harmful influence throughout the day and the situation will not be ideal for resolving the conflict between you. Perhaps prefer to wait for a more favorable climate to try to reestablish the dialogue because the dispositions of the stars towards you today do not suggest a satisfactory outcome.

Planetary interaction with your ruler Neptune on this day greatly strengthens your skeleton and everything that has to do with bones. If you had problems with your knees or calves, it is a recovery time.

Today some traumas, phobias, or obsessions from the past that you feel limit you in some way could come to light. The analysis of your dreams could be very revealing. The discharge can be so deep that you may need to be alone for a while, perhaps away from home, to get the whole picture. At the end of the day, you will feel joy because now you will see the path that will allow you to overcome some obstacles.

Avoid overwork today! You will be bursting with vitality and you will feel great but you could be betrayed by your tired body. Try to get some rest or relax a bit. You are currently in a very active cycle but the proximity of Mercury which is approaching your astral sky suggests complications to come. Slow down before it’s too late, and plan to give yourself a moment to release the pressure a bit.

There will be a great opportunity to demonstrate your great organizational skills by taking on a new responsibility that many were avoiding. Take this assignment as a challenge to your experience and you will see how well everything turns out.

You may be doubting your abilities due to setbacks on a project. If you are not careful, you could fall into depression. Do not fall into the trap! You will gain much more if you analyze the situation objectively and find a way to get around the obstacles and take care of what you want. Stay optimistic and move on!

Today you will take a decisive step towards consolidating your professional position. We can even make interesting proposals for your future development. Take advantage of the good wind. Audacity on the financial side, you’ll have plenty to spare. Maybe even a little too much. And it is on this level that your efforts will have to be focused. If you can manage to control your reckless impulses and not give in to the unrealistic desire to make a fortune overnight through risky trades, all will be well. You will succeed in improving your material situation.

Money and Luck
If rumors of a business with a person who has resources reach your ears, pay attention to it because a good association may arise between the two that benefits both of you and increases your purchasing power during this second quarter of the year 2021 that we are experiencing. Pisces Luck Today

Today you may have to put some limits on someone. There is probably a person in your life who has been taking advantage of you in some way. You always try to be nice to others, but maybe you are being too nice to this person. They may be borrowing money from you without paying it back. Or maybe they are inappropriately abusing your time or energy.

You are fully developed and you want to shine at work thanks to the influence of Saturn. If you work in an open space, your colleagues may be jealous of your confidence, be careful with your speech in front of them. Some will even want to put a damper on you, watch where you step. It will also be a good day for the artisans. On the financial side, you should be a little more careful with your spending. If you continue on the same path, you risk depleting your resources faster than expected.

Family and Friends
How to regain morale and get out of this exhausting routine? Nothing beats an evening with friends to recharge your batteries. Indeed, around a good meal, the taste buds rejoice and the tongues are loosened. You have to let go, recharging your batteries with those who matter most! If one hand is enough to count them, a simple backhand keeps the most harmful ones away. Do not sit idly by and remember to repeat the operation as soon as you can!

The home will not be easy. But you can only blame yourself: you are very agitated today, playing the fly of the boat, without giving others time to breathe. You will have to learn to control your impatience and let your loved ones act more or less at their own pace.

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