Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 22nd October 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 22nd October 2020

Suspicious and distrustful attitudes cause resentment and misunderstandings, especially now that you have the Moon in transit through your opposite sign. Solve your affairs yourself, without interference from outsiders, but if the state of your relationship requires a marriage counselor, then do not hesitate because in that case the intervention of third parties is justified and things will turn out better than you thought. Everything has a solution, you’ll see, Pisces man.

Today your world can be somewhat confusing. Trying to understand what is happening may not be the easiest task. It is best not to seek the solution through rational thinking and the analytical process. It would be best to leave the subject to rest for now and return to it later when the facts are clearer. Get away from control and the desire to understand everything. Instead, kick back and let the day take you wherever.pisces daily horoscope 22nd october 2020

Cut to the chase, Pisces, you cannot be hesitant in love. If you are not interested in a person, do not continue the relationship, and cut the tie before getting more directly involved in the matter. The planetary atmosphere reserves you a good understanding of your couple, especially if you are of the first decan. You can already organize your next romantic vacation. If you’re the type in a rush, you can book a romantic weekend getaway in a European capital. This will surely be the occasion for one or the other to make his marriage proposal. If you are single, you should build your self-confidence. This will help you in your search for love.

Today can be one of those days when you feel happy but those around you do not accompany you. They may have other concerns. Try to have fun anyway, but save the babydoll for those who know and love you. Your friends and family will better appreciate your spirit and good humor. You will enjoy an entertaining evening with your loved ones, joking and playing. With the blessing of Mars and Venus, the life of a couple will be harmonious. It will be more if you are on vacation with your partner or spouse. Consider developing your social life, which will allow you to have flair, gain insights, and maintain more refined relationships with others. Singles will feel drawn to married life, even though they have always praised their freedom and independence. So there will be marriage or PACS in the air!

Avoid getting too much sun. Protect your skin. The current period is good for those who have had health problems related to skin infections, abscesses, tumors, and chronic dermatological diseases associated with allergies and strong treatments. Under the influence of Pluto, you are traversed by the torments of worry. As a native of the second decan, you are even overcome by anxiety. You are convinced that you have a mysterious illness and are already making a list of doctors to consult. More fear than harm, rest assured, you are suffering from a slight hypochondria. The astral conjuncture combined with your anxious nature pushes you to imagine the worst. You should quickly get a smile on your face as you try to streamline things.

Today you will feel like going out and doing something. And why not? It will not be difficult to phone a few friends and arrange to meet for the evening. Or maybe you could check the local newspaper for the events page to see if there will be a meeting or conference that you like. Or a site that interests you to visit. If so, go today and see for yourself. Enjoy your day! Better shape than the last few days. But remain cautious all the same, your physical balance being a little fragile at the moment. You won’t have anything serious to fear, but you will be quite vulnerable to fatigue. Consider taking a vitamin cure and getting more sleep.

The intuitive wave that surrounds you this Thursday will allow you to get out of your problems associated with the work you do well. You are starting a creative period in all aspects directly related to your work life and what seemed fuzzy and distant is closer now. Take advantage of this auspicious day to put the finishing touches on large-scale projects or get in touch with people likely to provide you with professional support. Mercury will be particularly favorable to you.

Newspapers, books, and television will bring much useful and exciting information on your way. This will put your mind in a certain direction to get new ideas for projects and/or business opportunities. Discussions with people who share your interests will contribute even more. Expect to have an exciting and stimulating day and by the end, you will surely have opened new doors for yourself.

Money and Luck
These days you may receive an expensive gift or an invitation that will benefit you financially. A short trip with friends, a party, or social activity at a place where there are casinos or games can pay you off. Don’t limit yourself, enjoy life, but act sensibly and in moderation at all times. You will not run out of money for your essential needs. Don’t take unnecessary risks, speculate, and live beyond your means. In fact, your financial situation will not yet be completely healthy and stable. Be thrifty.

As the world economy improves, you will be presented with new possibilities in the workplace. Today you will have more than one occasion to increase your income. The problem is that you will have to choose the opportunity that is most convenient and viable for you. Make a list of your options and write down the pros and cons of each. Ideas seem clearer in black and white. What is going on? It is not this slight setback that will tip this house of cards. Why should this hurt your project? Don’t let any barriers get in your way. Wipeout this series of temporary woes with the back of your hand. As for second-class toxins, they only deserve your indifference. There you are, you’re almost there, on your way to the stars … all you need is a tiny effort to reach the moon and change the world!

Family and Friends
Your relationships with members of your household will prove to be turbulent, even explosive today. The conflicting relations that reign between Mars and Neptune in the family domain has a lot to do with it: on the one hand, you feel vulnerable, on the other, you are overcome by impatience and a certain aggressiveness. Whether it is with your parents, your spouse, or your children, you should therefore avoid subjects conducive to outbursts.

And keep in mind that it’s easier to admit your mistakes when you’re not already blamed. Very nice family atmosphere. Your relationships with your loved ones, and in particular with your children, influenced by Uranus and Neptune, will be placed under the sign of complicity, and tenderness, and sharing. You will be keen to help your children gain more autonomy and develop their creativity, and you will be greatly rewarded.

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