Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 7th July 2022

These are moments in which you could be going through a kind of labyrinth, wishing that the limits fade to see the truth, since Neptune in Pisces implies a spiritual search, a journey in which we must lose ourselves to find ourselves, and that becomes a inner search.

The position of Mars in the 6th house will lead you towards reckless decisions and initiatives, which could go beyond the seas. It is important that values are involved in these companies that put your needs before those of others, in a desire to serve.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

In the couple area you will be very conservative and above all private. Personal information is a mystery to others, you only share it at home, with your loved ones and with your partner. Today there could be some unexpected event in your closest environment, from a sudden nearby trip to curious and unusual situations.

In the area of romance, you could drive the other to despair with that forward and backward attitude, since the Sun in Cancer in the 5th house could generate such behavior in you, in the manner of a crab that does not walk forward straight but At the same time, he takes steps backwards. This could hinder a shared goal in love, but someone who identifies with such behaviors will come.

The sign of Leo transiting the 6th house can cause vision problems, such as dry eyes, a situation that your eye doctor can solve in your consultation.

Mercury in Gemini will make it easier for you to communicate with people of any profession. His energy will make it easy for you to be eloquent, so if you are in the business of selling insurance or goods and services, today is an exceptional day to persuade everyone.

Money and Luck
With Neptune in the 2nd house, you will not be very interested in generating monetary resources, since this position generates a certain lack of interest in material life. So in this sense you can live selflessly and the economic resources are generated from art, since you are very talented and you will be able to live your life as an artist.

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