Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 18th September 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 18th September 2018

The Moon continues in transit through the sign of Leo. The planets Uranus, Neptune and the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. If you are waiting for a word of reconciliation, compromise or commitment and you consider that the person you are interested in does not know what to say, then you take the first step, but without impositions or demands.

A receptive attitude is all you need to carry out your sentimental affairs without major complications. Do not speed anything, take your time to do what you think and meanwhile enjoy what is coming to your life. Expect the fruits to fall ripe, by their own weight.

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Daily Horoscope Today 18th May 2022

The Moon continues in Leo, and the planetoid Pluto, as well as the planets Uranus and Neptune continue retrograde. If there were lawsuits between both, including a departure from your side or your home do not think that everything is lost, wait and you will see solutions because this is a good astral moment.

On this Tuesday do not complicate your health with toxic substances or the application of strange drugs that could alter the delicate balance of your skin.

Do not start something unknown to you especially if these potential employers are reputed to be responsible people who promise a lot, and do little.

Money and Luck
A new situation is approaching in a trip or chance where there will be many possibilities to increase your income. There is a pleasant surprise that will set in the first days of the month of October.