Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

The influence of your ruler Neptune in sextile with Saturn and two great trines with Mars and Mercury augurs a happy Tuesday and the beginning of the last month of the year full of good news. A change in values occurs and you understand what you did not fully understand before. Some will find that they are no longer so attracted to a certain person and they begin to find flaws that they do not like and cool their love feelings. Others, on the contrary, solidify their relationship and decide to bond more strongly with that person they understand is the one. In general, you are in a cycle of renewal, the rectification of errors, and awareness of new paths.

We could imagine you taking a little trip into the past equipped with your favorite weapon, to fight a frank fight with these old demons who regularly blur your trail. Get rid of these ghosts once and for all, even if you need to get into a serious fight to do so. Do not be afraid to enter into black anger!pisces daily horoscope 1st december 2020

This Tuesday, December 1st, a feeling of frustration makes you melancholy, don’t forget that everything happens, in due time. By asking yourself too many questions, overwork is waiting for you, you absolutely have to ease off, to recover nervously. The Moon stresses you out, you seek to escape the vagaries of life by taking refuge in your bubble, even in your fantasies. It’s a day that can push the weakest among you to infidelity. Don’t do anything you may regret later

Neptune is trine with Mars. This astral cycle that is starting this Tuesday is associated with romantic trips, so get ready because the best is yet to come. Next week will be transformative and surprising in love.

Today you will burn steps in your love life! If you’ve just met someone, things will suddenly intensify … You will suddenly be seized with a mad passion for that person. Like Pisces, you will want to surround your prey and devour it with kisses! You are about to live a great love story that could change the course of your life! Good luck!

You are already bored … The environment of everyday life is not at all suitable for harmony. In a Relationship: A need for renewal comes into your love life. You are tired of the routine and you want to break certain habits more than ever. However, don’t send your partner out for a walk. Don’t make decisions you might regret. Make an effort to observe the situation from a more perspective! Single: Loneliness weighs on you more than usual. You want to boost your daily life but you lack the discernment to change the situation in a positive way. So, do not go too fast in the work, stay cautious, because of my lack of lucidity you could make mistakes.

Your care pays off and if you maintain this rhythm that you have imposed on yourself, you will be able to preserve your health, your ideal weight, and your figure. Enjoy everything, but in moderation and you will enjoy good digestion.

It is the perfect day to establish peace around you. If you have been a little stressed lately, you will have the feeling of decompressing a little and regaining your serenity. Your professional life might not be sparing your nerves right now, but you will magically find solutions to all your problems. And when it comes to your romantic life, conflicts will also dissipate. Relax!

There is a square between Neptune and the Sun, and December presents itself with different options. Your sense of collaboration will be essential to your job success. A hunch from a coworker will come in handy during the next workweek when you can apply your experience and knowledge to a very complex task. For those who continue their professional activities: Take insurance by thinking outside the box. An original solution to a recurring problem might earn you some consideration. You just have to dare to use innovative or new means.

Today, you could take on the role of mentor or counselor. A friend of yours might be at their wit’s end and ask for your encouragement. Or one of your colleagues will need your lights to clear up a thorny problem! Anyway, get your hands dirty and try to get them out of trouble! Your spontaneous kindness and warmth will certainly be paid back shortly!

Money and Luck
Now that Neptune is direct, your economic outlook is getting stronger. Your income will increase and as of today, you will begin to see signs of very significant economic improvements. The most positive thing happens at the legal level, when you receive a response from money in dispute, you will soon have in your possession what you need. The stars advise you to be vigilant in your finances. Bad advice or bad investments can lead to “bankruptcy”. If people are trying to make you listen to reason, don’t close the door to the recommendations that are made to you.

A word of advice, think twice before you realize you just cut the wrong tree. This is what happens when you don’t think about what you’re doing. So take the time to observe, to meditate, to weigh the pros and cons, and then you can make a decision. The opinion of those around you will be your barometer, take note of their objections, this will help you make the right decisions.

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