Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Today is a good day to express your emotions in a creative way, the Moon being in the sign of Cancer raises the sensitivity of everyone around you. Most signs drown in not knowing how to navigate these waters of emotion and empathy, but it’s home to you so be nice and show others around.

In general it will be a very demanding day at work, people will be very sensitive and intolerant of mistakes. There is a lot of intensity in relationships for the same reason that life as a couple and romantic life can go through a good period, you just need to overcome some difficulties with your significant other in a difficult stage.

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Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

The situation with your partner has been going through a series of misunderstandings that will soon be resolved, Mercury, the ruler of the 7th house, is separating from the Sun and will soon have clarity again to see things as they really are. Meanwhile, you have to be very empathetic and patient since your significant other is very irritable about this aspect. If you have children, you should try to be available. It is possible that one of them has a big personal problem and in this case it is to you that he will turn.

You have the Sun in this house so your attention is on the search for love and connection with others. The sensitivity that everyone is experiencing for the Moon in Cancer helps a lot, which can support you in your search for someone else with whom to connect in a profound way. It is not a time to think about it much, take the initiative and act, you will surprise the other and you will have very pleasant results.

Very nice day in perspective. You will not miss opportunities to distract yourself with two, by indulging in various common activities or by easily finding common ground in your discussions. Single, it is unlikely that this day will be of particular importance on the heart side. The representatives of the opposite sex that you will meet will rarely correspond to your tastes and therefore will hardly be able to arouse tender feelings in you.

Neptune is right on your ascendant, its influence can increase your sensitivity, but in a negative aspect it can decrease your vitality. Its action is to dissolve everything back to infinity so the ascendant, which represents your physical form on this plane, can be affected by its energy.

While at the same time you have the influence of Venus and Mars in your 6th house, the house of illness, so you have to take great care of your health these days as they can appear unexpectedly. Your vitality and dynamism will be intact thanks to the protection of Uranus. Only small possible problem: a certain nervousness, due to both the impact of Pluto and the influence of Mars, which can overexcite you. Some natives will have trouble falling asleep.

At work there is a lot of activity, but not in the best way, the energy of the period is closely linked to the sign of Virgo, which makes the work very demanding and demanding. You have to pay close attention as any error is reviewed and you will be required to correct it. In general, you are not the most observant sign of the zodiac, so so much attention can cause you problems and make you feel too pressured. The good thing is that like everything in life, it is only a stage and this cycle will pass soon. Patience and a lot of care these days.

Saturn in disharmonic aspect could be the cause of a certain slowdown in your professional activity. But you will surely not be discouraged! If it sometimes causes delays and forces you to never relax your efforts, Saturn will also stimulate your ambition and help you to highlight your qualities.

Money and Luck
Right now Mars rules your finances and this planet is not comfortable in the 6th house, associated with repetitive work. So your money comes from activities that you may consider a bit boring, however they pay the rent so you have to move on. The Sun in Leo can give you an opportunity to make money in activities that have to do with organizing events, if the chance to participate in something like this arises, take it.

Your financial situation seems solid overall. Still, under the impact of Pluto, you may lack caution. Be careful not to go into purchases beyond your means. Also avoid trying investments that are too risky, as luck is not necessarily on your side.

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