Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 28th October 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 28th October 2020

Great sextiles of your ruler, Neptune, with the planets Saturn and Pluto (planetoid). You are going to successfully solve a love problem or a certain doubt that had you restless, and by doing so you will be able to act with justice and sensitivity at all times, Pisces. Your sense of independence and balance now coupled with your wonderful intuition are on the rise. There will be quick solutions to those issues that have been occupying your mind, and you will quickly realize what is good for you and what is bad for you. Remember that starting tomorrow Mercury will go retrograde in a sign of your element, water, so avoid precipitation and leave everything to the last minute.

You have unlimited creativity and originality today. How will you go about expressing this rich creativity that is so abundant within you? If your environment does not allow you to express it, change your environment, and try to create a new reality for yourself. It is the only way that you can productively use all this incredible energy.pisces daily horoscope 28th october 2020

Claim your place and your space, but do not let your self-esteem or hurt pride cause more friction if there was some kind of misunderstanding or communication problem in your intimate life. Everything can be solved when there are love and a desire to fix everything gently and maturely.

Today’s energy will make you focus on your family and friends, so, understandably, you want to spend it in the company of your loved ones. Why not call a dozen of your closest friends and family and invite them to an unexpected meeting. Try to appreciate all the love that surrounds you. Even those who are not physically present in the room with you add their affections to the collection.

Single, do you believe in love at first sight? Of course, you are right, your sky has suffered quite a few weather impacts. First, it was the storm with the departure of your ex. Then, the blizzard came to complete this shipwreck. It was due to the feeling of emptiness left in your daily life. However, the good weather is coming. Urgently dispatched on your road, the Sun will take care of warming your heart. Your organ will purify itself of all these recent episodes of suffering. Promised, the stage of rebirth has begun.

If you can’t follow a diet, start by modifying what you eat in a much more rational way by substituting fried foods for boiled or steamed foods, to use less fat, eliminating products with refined or highly processed sugars, and sweets. Sometimes a slight change gives the long-awaited result.

Surely your high level of intuition has advantages and disadvantages. Today you will be overwhelmed by some strange feelings that enter your head. Only time will tell you if they are true premonitions or just strange fantasies. In the meantime, you’d better ignore it completely. Life is too short to play the game of “what if.”

You have nothing to fear today! You can indulge in an intensive workout without risking injury. Opt for running, indoor cycling, or Zumba to improve your cardio and you will find yourself in good shape. You are full of energy and good humor, your day will be full of sunshine and enthusiasm. Remember to drink water and to stretch properly to avoid muscle soreness tomorrow morning.

The moment is one of discretion, even if you are tempted to speak what is going on in your head. Do not echo the comments heard at this time related to your work because it could harm you a lot since there are some indiscreet people creating discomfort in your environment and you should avoid their company especially now with your ruler Neptune retrograde and from tomorrow with Mercury also in that transit.

Large rivers are born from small drops of water. At this time your life is not lacking work, and it is a great time to fully immerse yourself in both your personal and professional life. Work is something you’ve never shied away from. Today you accept it and end your day feeling the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Congratulations!

Money and Luck
There is an auspicious touch of chance that is revealed to you through a premonitory dream. You are capturing very real dream images and if you write down the numbers received tonight in which there are two auspicious sextiles of your ruler Neptune you can win some money in lotteries or raffles and even in a television program to which you are invited. Pisces Luck Today

Perhaps this is the most meditative day of the month? It will help you take stock of how you feel internally, which you haven’t had time to do in a while. You are in the process of abandoning the burden of constantly doing your “duty”. Above all, the miracle of miracles, you finally realize that you can’t work all the time!

The planetary atmosphere is favorable to you. Neptune supports people of your sign. It’s a good day to get started in entrepreneurship. Your banker will support you in your efforts. If you are employed in a large corporation, one of the things you might ask for is a raise. It will most certainly be granted to you. You will create new bonds with some of your colleagues. You will understand the importance of having people to lean on in the event of a decline in motivation.

Family and Friends
Your best friends are wondering about your current behavior. Qualify your words, listen a little more, and try to really understand them. Not everyone leads the same life. When you meet again, the atmosphere will be much more peaceful and therefore more pleasant. On the family side, everything is going very well thanks to the support of the stars. You live in perfect harmony with your spouse. You manage to carry out all your activities without ever leaving those around you behind.

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