Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 30th October 2019

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 30th October 2019

You are entering your moment to decide your destiny. Your Pisces intuition accompanied by your active imagination will be the determining factors in your love life and in your work.

You will be surprised how well you develop a complicated task and how you finish earlier than projected now that you have the direct planetary energy of Mars and Mercury on your part, but watch out! In sentimental matters do not throw yourself at anything risky because your regent, Neptune, is still retrograde, and you may be assuming things that do not exist, you suspect that they are only in your imagination.pisces daily horoscope 30th october 2019

Let your imagination flow, Pisces, now you have a great psychic reserve that inspires you and helps to direct your loving energy in the right direction. Today is a suitable day to do something sensual, different, bold, with your loving partner.

An astral period of formidable cell recovery begins for aesthetic or reconstructive surgeries, liposuction and rejuvenation treatments. Take advantage of this energy to do what you have in mind and beautify you.

If you are working on Wednesday, you should put all your attention and concentration on what you are doing because you may be distracted in the morning hours which would cause you to be disrupted in your employment and delays in your labor matters.

Money and Luck
If you are not in the best economic situation at present, do not despair or regret it because you only attract bad vibes. Soon there will be money on your way. Your sign is well sponsored and fortune comes close to your hands. Everything will improve as your ruler, Neptune ends his retrograde transit. Pisces Luck Today

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