Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 31st July 2019

This Wednesday the Moon is in a transit that will benefit you a lot in the economic plane. However, you are somewhat explosive because of your ruler’s retrograde influence the planet Neptune associated with Mercury and Mars. A lot of tact when it comes to intimacy so as not to hurt your partner with unfortunate words in those precious moments.

The impulses that now invade you must be counteracted with your sensitivity. You can harbor certain health concerns that are totally unfounded. Do not be impressed by comments from hypochondriacal people and continue your life system the way you carry it today. A successful trip is predicted in these coming days of August that is already at the doorstep.

A creeping person can cause you many problems with your comments about your partner and current relationship. Do not give him entry into your home and thus avoid having the gossipy enemy under your own roof. Sometimes you have to act drastically to preserve marital peace.

Health problems? Do not be discouraged and try to follow a proper regime. This way you will recover, but do not take medicines on your own without consulting the doctor. You are in a delicate cycle, but with care, there will be no problems and your sign is usually very healthy.

If you are considering changing occupations, wait for a little before doing so because at this time you could be obeying impulses and placing yourself in situations that are inappropriate for your working life and future development. Do not act for starts.

Money and Luck
If you have had recent difficulties with your payments and money issues, you will begin to get answers and clarify issues that seemed to have no solution. A friendly person who is now abroad or who is not directly in touch with you for a long time will support you in this.


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