Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th November 2020

Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th November 2020

Neptune, although retrograde, is making important planetary trines and sextiles in which the Sun, the planetoid Pluto, and the Moon are involved in their waxing phase, approaching your sign Pisces. This is the moment of decision, love, and joy in all aspects of your life, Pisces. It is Wednesday when the astral positions in your sign will allow you to recharge your energy so that you can better enjoy what is going to be presented in your intimate life from this recently started November. Your intuition and empathy, those two magnificent qualities of your sign will help you today to discover hidden feelings in all those people who approach you, which will be of great value for the establishment of good relationships of all kinds.

It may be that in your attempt to stabilize your emotions and be more sensitive, you have fallen prey to your own feelings. Consequently, you have forgotten your rational mind, even though it is crying out for you that it is time to move on and end this situation. Listen to your inner voice and take it more seriously.pisces daily horoscope 4th november 2020

Due to the action of Mars and Jupiter, you will be very impulsive. Therefore, before saying something “hot” think carefully and choose your phrases carefully to avoid those sentimental misunderstandings as much as possible. You will be surprised at the wrong way how your words are interpreted if you do not choose them well (remember that your ruler Neptune is retrograde as is Mercury, the planet of communications).

Today keep things clear and energetic. You can’t go wrong if you follow your heart. In fact, you can rely on it for almost every situation you find yourself in. Some people will be a bit quarrelsome, and you will find that keeping the peace is no easy task. If something needs to be said, say so. It is not a day to lay back and relax. It is a day for action.

You thought you were safe from all trouble in your cozy little nest. However, an incident has hampered the well-functioning mechanism of your daily life. Put a little elbow grease so that this episode becomes an obstacle to overcome, not separately, but together. Better, more or less short term, it will help you to fix some basic principles like communicating – respecting – pampering. With its three musketeers, you have the weapons of emotional reconstruction to face anything.

There are good planetary signs at the health level and if you don’t do the wrong thing, you can feel very good these days. Go ahead and buy a bicycle, if you don’t have one yet, and take advantage of sunny days to exercise. If you can’t go outside then buy one that is stationary or a mat if you can’t attend a gym, but doesn’t stop activating your body.

Today you are with very little patience and in a bad mood. There is nothing wrong in particular, you are simply working too hard and are intimidated by the number of things to do. Don’t worry, your mood is not permanent. But today you must be careful not to ruin the day for others with your bad mood. After all, they have done nothing wrong.

Following a stupid fall, you are temporarily forced to slow down your hellish pace. Don’t worry too much since Pluto has plenty of great ideas to occupy your mind during your recovery. Play with your friends on social networks. Rent good DVDs to watch as a family. Read the latest book from the Dalaïlama. This little evil will be erased in favor of good. This involuntary immobility will force your neurons to focus on one subject at a time.

Your good karma pays off. You reap what you have sown and you feel very stimulated. A co-worker to whom you did a selfless service or favor some time ago returns the gesture by loyally helping you through a work problem.

How irritating it is when work gets in the way of pleasure! But there are times when career opportunities are simply too good to miss. That seductive creature that you have your eyes on, will have to wait one more day. In the meantime, focus on the business at hand; The results will be wonderful!

Money and Luck
With the good influence that now reigns in your horoscope, you will be receiving the expected income. However, last-minute interruptions could arise due to processes of bureaucratic stagnation. Don’t be discouraged when that happens, keep going. Pisces Luck Today

The bad news about your financial situation isn’t as bad as it first seemed. Even so, it leaves you baffled. Before panicking, double-check the information. Perhaps the computer made a mistake or the bank teller got confused. You will have to fix some red tape, but once you do, you will feel relieved.

You should discover a nice surprise on your bank account by consulting it during the day. So much the better, you can put some aside to organize a nice vacation with your family or friends and do the few purchases that have been catching your eye over the past few days. Also, your professional situation will change radically. You will have a great opportunity to change jobs whether you are already employed or unemployed. Jump at the chance, this happens very rarely.

Family and Friends
Some members of your family are causing you concern. But now, it is difficult, from a distance, to watch over loved ones in need. Admit that you can’t help them more. This finding will relieve your pain a little. You will find a solution in a while. Oops, you made a mistake and particularly upset a friend. Don’t make it worse off, especially if you plan to ask them for an important favor, as this person can take a long time to piss you off.

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