Pisces Daily Horoscope in Urdu 15th February 2018

Pisces Daily Horoscope in Urdu 15th February 2018

Love Life
The moon makes your life easier, it supports its influences by Jupiter and protects the lovers. Your life of couple finds there an account, indeed, you can consider a very intimate evening, sensuality and complicity will be at the rendezvous.

If you are single, slightly larger projects to change a situation are encouraged. It may be time to put in perspective proposals or opportunities to go further.

Betting on your synthetic mind to take stock, without letting you influence. Indeed, under the gaze of Jupiter, the Moon comfort you in your decisions. This allows you to conquer your playground.

This sextile aspect is excellent for exchanges or partnerships, your initiatives will be welcomed.

This Thursday is the moment to realize something that is important to you. Fall makes you think of projects you may not realize until spring, but you have all the cards in your hand.

You begin to lay the groundwork. The Sextile from Jupiter to the Moon can bring you luck. It’s time to play Lotto.

You dare to express your doubts as well as what you had on the heart. It relieves you, you feel much better and much lighter.

Wings push you. You take the opportunity to build confidence and to start on a healthy basis. This weekend is looking very good.

You are used to solving everything in record time. Jupiter makes you talk about family projects like holidays, Christmas, etc.pisces daily horoscope in urdu 15 february 2018

Today, you take the trouble to plan your meals for the month, or to give everyone a little roadmap to respect: pick up their dirty laundry, participation in cooking, storage etc.

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