Pisces Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017, venus direct in your sign

Pisces Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017: Venus direct in your sign, super

Do not stop at the progress you are having at this time, you are likely to see that your efforts are bearing fruit, which sometimes frightens us, since we do not get used to things going well, this is something totally human and It will always be this way as long as you do not take success as normal in your life.

In a time of weakness of the day, you could be tempted to accept a product or a service that will be offered, you are not in a very auspicious economic time for this, try to say no.

Love is present in your life, it is only necessary to do things well, today you must show all the disposition to see the person you are meeting, do not reject the invitation that will make you, you will have a good evening.
Pisces Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017 Lucky numbers for today: 1, 9, 19, 24, 41, 45.

Today Sunday, April 16, the planet of love, Venus, enters directly into your sign Pisces, do not miss the explanatory note about it! Smile always, although things do not go well in a moment because there will always be someone who needs to see you smile. There are those who need your smile, to continue living. The astral aura in your love life is oriented towards home and family. It is a formidable moment to strengthen your emotional ties. Remember, with direct Venus in your sign will occur unforeseeable but positive transformations.

Pisces Love, Wealth, Health, family and Work Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017

Be careful of the blunders. Love, today is vulnerable and could unbalance the good relationship it has. If you go carefully, you will save the day. The Moon is still in transit through the Sagittarius sign. Today the retrograde movement of Venus ends. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde, the other planets are direct. Love as if love would last forever, we are only happy when we give everything without expecting anything in return and that you know well, Pisces, that you are highly emphatic. Do not wonder whether it will last or not what you have now, enjoy it every day and so it is more likely to last until the end of your days. You will feel melancholy, try to reverse it so as not to harm the couple.

Do not let yourself be emotionally manipulated by irresponsible people. Your health is precious and you should not give it away. Avoid the tense situations in which you should raise your voice, get angry and lose your temper. It is the least indicated on this day. He will not lack the strength for his journey. Seize the day.

If you do not organize your agenda today you will not be able to enjoy your next weekend and you must take work home, overwhelming you. You are still in time to plan the tasks you must complete during the work phase of the rest of April. Today you will not be at all focused, it will seem that you are not advancing and you will not take the work off. Have a coffee and concentrate, you have too much work and you will accumulate. Plan yourself better and be methodical. It’s the only way you will not forget anything important.

Money and Luck
The economic difficulties that you could have are concluding with the planetary change that is already glimpsed in your astrological horizon. Pretty soon you’ll be laughing at the worries of the past. Cluttered accounts scatter you when developing your projects. Today is a good time to sort your accounts.

Call your friends, stay with them … Luck will blow you through your friendships. You need to make a social life.

You’re lucky that everyone trusts you and they wait, you get home to tell them your stories. Do not fail them

Study the budget you have and try to ensure that your expenses do not exceed your possibilities.

It will be a spectacular weekend to organize a meal with friends.

Pisces Tomorrow Horoscope Monday April 17, 2017

You are starting to have strange thoughts about someone before you considered just one more acquaintance, it is not something that could last for a long time, but it could be a good adventure among adults, aware of their actions.

You should not be afraid to be well and have confidence in your partner.

Many times people believe that they must constantly be doubting the person they have next, something very wrong because trust is the mother of all proofs of love, it is something that makes you grow and mature at the same time, just what you need with your partner.

Do not wait for someone to make the decision for you at work, you need to show your ideas and create spaces to demonstrate that you are able to get a good job in a short time, only so your bosses will know what you are capable of doing.

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